Diagnosing my brother

I have a younger brother (I have two, but…) who’s had more than his share of problems.

He saw a doctor last week. He’s having a boatload of tests run. And he told me that the doctor mentioned that he might have diabetes. And a thyroid issue…

Ummm, I have both.

There are four of us and three of us take thyroid meds. I started at age 18, my sister had most of her thyroid removed when she was 19 and just recently started medication, and my other brother began taking medication a few years ago (his daughter started thyroid meds in the 8th grade).

I’m the only one with diabetes (Type 1 Lada).

I picked up the baby brother this morning for his lab work but before we left his parking lot, I tested his blood sugar. He’d been fasting and it was 175. My heart dropped as he looked at me and asked, “Is that too high?”


He had no clue what tests were being run, so I told him to ask for copies of the test requests. I also had him ask for a copy of the previous test results. One of the tests he did today is an A1c. He doesn’t have a follow-up appointment with the doctor so I told him to call and schedule that for next week.

We did a very short carb lesson. “I have to stay away from sugar, right?” No – it’s the carbs…

He’s overwhelmed and scared.

His nice doctor isn’t going to know what’s hit him, now that I’m getting involved.

But mostly, this really sucks. I don’t think he’s going to do a great job dealing with this. Well, who does?

But, I told him today that he can do this. And I told him that it sucks.

12 thoughts on “Diagnosing my brother

  1. At least he has you! And you can introduce him to the wonderful world of the D-OC. And just keep telling him “You can do this!” Hugs and prayers to you both.

  2. When someone gets diagnosed with diabetes I swear a puppy dies. When I hear of another diagnosis I can only ever say one thing. “sucks” “sucks to be you”. I feel like I have the right to say “sucks to be you” because DIABETES DOES SUCK!
    more importantly though, he has you and he’s already 10 steps ahead because of that.

  3. Let me start by saying how wonderful it is to have such a close relationship with your brother. I only wish I could have a conversation with my brother, but because of his disabilities, I can’t.

    As for the diagnosis by Dr. Colleen, I’m sorry. I’m not really sure what to say, but he’s lucky to have you to help interpret what the doctor tells him, and to teach him the right questions to ask. There are too many doctors who aren’t specialists that only know enough to be dangerous. Especially when it comes to diagnosing adults – and figuring out which type of diabetes they have. I’m assuming you don’t know that yet.

  4. I’m so glad your brother has you to guide him! He won’t get all the wrong information and will get the steps in the right direction to correctly handle his diagnosis!

  5. Ditto, and you are wise to have him obtain the test results. Then you can do the homework for him and teach him at the same time. Keep up the good work.

  6. I’m sorry to hear your brother may have diabetes as well. All of us siblings (there are 3 of us) take thyroid meds and my brother and I are both Type 1 diabetes. You never want it to happen to anyone else, but there is comfort in sharing the journey together.

  7. Thank goodness he has you colleen!! You will be there for him, and we will be here for both of you!! saying a prayer and keeping you and your brother in my thoughts ❤

  8. Oh no, Colleen, that really stinks!! I’m so sorry you are both dealing with this, but I’m so glad he has you there to support and teach him.

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