Doing OK…

Life is good.

Christmas was good.

Diabetes has been good.

Our sons have been here since Christmas Eve and it’s been a fun couple of days being a family of four again. It’s especially good as we’ve got a whole lot of cookies that the youngest is most happy to eat for us!

My brother does not have diabetes but the doctor dx’d him as pre-diabetic. He’s changed his eating habits and is feeling much, much better. He’s testing a couple of times a week and is fascinated to see what food does to his numbers. He’s been a quick learner! He’s awed by nutrition labels and more so – the “serving sizes.”

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or holiday or Tuesday!



1 thought on “Doing OK…

  1. so glad to hear that your brother is not a “diabetic”, and that he is taking his “pre-diabetes” status seriously! Sounds like he has his sister to thank for that! Your Christmas sounds like you had an awesome time! Its nice to have family surround us at this time of year! Happy Holidays to you and yours Colleen!

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