I feel like Alexander…

A favorite book when my youngest was young was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

I have an appointment with my PCP on Friday. I saw her six months ago and she gave me a pile of lab sheets for our next appointment – yes, the one this Friday. Can I find them? Nope! So I called on Thursday to get them redone. Did I remember to pick them up on Thursday on my way home? Nope. My excuse… I reordered my insulin that morning and said to myself, “I’ll pick up the lab sheets on my way to the drugstore to get the insulin.” But my husband knew I’d had a long day and offered to pick up the insulin. So I forgot about the lab orders. Duh.

I had stuff to do on Friday. I’ll be honest, it was lunch with friends, and the husband offered to pick up the lab sheets. Great!

Except, when I finally looked at them Friday night, I was missing the A1c lab.

One test was fasting – did that. Got to the lab this morning at 7am, did all the tests but told the lab tech I need an A1c but didn’t have the sheet. She said, and I love this, “I’ll draw an extra vial and you have them fax the test request to me today.” The lab is downstairs from my PCP’s office so I went upstairs after the blood stuff. Found a nurse – not mine, but she knows me and said, “No problem, I’ll send it down to them.” (LOVE small towns!)

This afternoon – I took the afternoon off from work so I could go to the dentist for a crown. Some of you know that going to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do. Today was not terrible but it wasn’t fun.

Ate a very low carb lunch (20 carbs) and off I went. Gave the dental assistant a quick Dexcom lesson. Halfway through Dexcom is beeping and shaking – but I have a mouthful of stuff and can’t see it. So I hold up Dexcom and ask mumble, “What does this say?” It was 200 which wasn’t so bad considering my STRESS! I had a juice box in my purse, and had let them know that just in case – sure, like I’ll go low in a dentist chair!

Nice thing – the dentist told me he’d recently purchased a bg meter for the office. He felt it was important to have one available. He did admit that learning to use the lancet wasn’t easy but that he’d practiced and knew he’d be able to use it if needed. I told him I was impressed.

So that was my Monday. It sucked.

Thank you for your sympathy… I need every bit of it!


4 thoughts on “I feel like Alexander…

  1. that blows!
    and I forget stuff like lab work and stopping places all the damn time. I’ve come to set reminders on my phone at the precise moments I would need them. Like timed right down to the moment I am passing by in my car. It’s proving to be the only way for me to remember stuff any more!

    dentists…. AAAAACK!!!

    that was an alexander day for sure.

  2. sometimes i think that my faulty pancreas likes to play games with my brain. it may not produce insulin but it sends out something that interferes with my memory!! i may have to use Scully’s idea about using my phone to remind me of important stuff!!

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