Strange Dexcom Reorder

I started using the Dexcom G4 just before Thanksgiving and just before I got on a plane to Kansas City in November. (Thank you KC DOC for making one night a LOT of fun!)

So, it’s time to reorder my 3 months of sensors. Which I did yesterday. Strangest reordering experience ever!

I called. I listened to Dexcom tell me that due to the overwhelming interest in the NEW G4 that I may have a longer wait.

Didn’t take much time and the reorder person was talking to me. Asked for my name. Asked if I was still covered by Cigna. Agreed that I had to reorder early as Cigna has to approve each order. Then said, I’ll get your order in and it will be shipped on February 4th.

Then he hung up.

I was still talking…

No confirming my address. No confirming my date of birth.

Hope the order arrives shortly after February 4th!

And yes, the G4 has been highly worth the upgrade that I paid for. It’s really, really good!

2 thoughts on “Strange Dexcom Reorder

  1. Unless you get a confirmation email or something, I’d call back and verify. It’s less stressful than trying to hunt down a possibly nonexistent package next month…

  2. I love the G4 as well! So much smaller and lighter, and I’m finding it is more accurate. I actually had a similar experience regarding my first box of sensors – they said that they would call back to verify that our insurance had approved the switch to G4’s, but they never did. Happy ending though as the sensors arrived the same day as the G4! Hope it’s the same for you…..though I think I agree with Scott that a phone call might save you some grief…..

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