The “High” Day

I’ve been high (200+) all day. I kept testing. I Pinged insulin. I continued to hit the buttons on Dexcom so it would stop beeping at me. I drank lots of water.

I finally pulled my inset and redid it all after lunch. Threw out 32 units of insulin! It looked fine – no blood, not bent. WTH?

Then I attempted to take a nap. I shut off the high alert on Dexcom so I could sleep. But – Dexcom did a sensor failure and made a whole lot of noise. So I woke up.

I’m still waiting for my 2 hours “wake up and test” from Dexcom but when I tested last I was finally at a reasonable number, 128.

Dexcom just requested my 2 tests – results are 75 & 88. Dexcom now says 77.

It’s fascinating…

And when I told M Dexcom’s number, he said, “Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb.” You probably have to be our age to “get that.”

American Bandstand – yes, I watched this. But I was very young! I love finding stuff like this on YouTube!


2 thoughts on “The “High” Day

  1. “Fascinating” is not usually my response to days like this. I applaud your attitude, especially after being high for so long. i’m usually pretty cranky and just mad at everything related to diabetes. Thanks for raising the bar!

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