It’s Gone!

Nah, not Diabetes.

The battery cover for my almost brand new (November) Dexcom G4 is gone.

I charged it yesterday and didn’t notice that it was gone.

But today, I felt that it was open and went to shut it. And it’s gone.

Called Dexcom. Spoke with ____ who said they will replace it but!!! I have to give them a credit card number and when it’s returned, if there’s any evidence that it’s been dropped, (or been in water) then I’ll be charged $199 for the warranty replacement.

Of course it’s been dropped. Damn thing is slippery.

Actually, it’s not been dropped, dropped. It sort of slides out sometimes, but normally onto the carpet.

I told her I’d think about it. There was no “Oh, I’m so sorry. Gee, that happens sometimes.” And they can’t just send a new battery cover to snap in.

It still has the protective plastic stuff on the screen!

Guess I’ll call again on Monday and go ahead and replace it. Then I’ll hold my breath and hope that they don’t think I threw it across the room or whatever.

6 thoughts on “It’s Gone!

  1. I really don’t know what Dexcom will do, but I can tell you about a time when someone (someone who shall remain nameless, but bears a striking resemblance to myself) accidentally took a brand new cell-phone into a swimming pool, rendering it useless, and then tried playing dumb to get a warranty replacement. This person was told they’d be charged hundreds of dollars for the replacement if there was any evidence, same as you described, of misuse or neglect. Five months later, and such a charge never came.

    Your Dexcom May Vary. (but I wish you luck!)

  2. The same thing ALMOST happened to me. I lucked out because I found the cover on the floor. This is hard to describe, but a chip of the plastic broke off along the horizontal side of where the cover slides back and forth. I can keep the cover on as long as I don’t push it all the way to one side. I thought about calling, but figured this is going to happen on most G4 receivers because this part of the design is poor. I’m willing to put up with it for now.

  3. It’s why I love the new Tallygear case. Now I don’t fear the drops as much (‘cos it’sslipped out of pockets several times now….). You can buy belt clips on Amazon. I’ve always had such great conversations with the Dexcom folks. Sorry you are not having the same experiences 😦

  4. This just happened to me too. I’m a little wary of calling them. I have the little cover but it just popped off in the middle of the night while my receiver was charging. I’ve kept mine in a case since I got it, but I have dropped it a few times. Let me know how this turns out for you! I gotta decide what to do with mine :-/

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