Valentine’s Dinner at the Bowling Alley

Yup, one Valentine’s evening, many years ago, we had dinner at the local bowling alley with our high school aged son.

And you know what? It’s the one I remember best. It’s the one the three of us bring up every February with big smiles. And to be honest, the cheeseburgers we ordered were delicious!

Today’s Boston Globe has a short article on Valentine’s gifts. We don’t do Valentine’s gifts.

BUT, this year, I’ll be giving a Valentine gift. Not to my husband, whom I love dearly. Not to my adult sons.

It will be a donation to the International Diabetes Foundation’s “Life for a Child.” I did go to the site this weekend and read some of their “testimonials.” This one just about did me in.

Insulin Syringes being included in the LFAC programme is of tremendous help to our children with diabetes. As you are very much aware insulin in vials is of no use without syringes. Children have been reusing syringes to the point of getting abscesses on the injection sites.There is no coverage for syringes and they are very expensive.

Well, that sucks. They already have Diabetes and now they’re getting infections due to reusing their syringes? I can’t imagine…

I know all of us can’t donate. Diabetes is expensive.

But if you can… This could be a great way to share some of the DOC love.
Because, in spite of that song, we do need more than love when dealing with diabetes.


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  2. THANK YOU SO much for joining this effort!!! I am so proud of what the Diabetes Online Community can accomplish, when we get together!

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