Dexcom #2

After speaking with several Dexcom support/tech people, I called last week and requested a replacement Dexcom as the USB cover fell off of mine at some point last month.

2013-02-22-001I’m pretty careful with it. You have to be. It’s a slippery little sucker and tends to slide out when you least expect it. I take it out of my pocket when using the bathroom. It hasn’t fallen into anything (nope, no toilet baths for my Dexcom!). Two boxes in one day! New Dexcom and a replacement sensor!

I wasn’t too concerned about not having the cover at first but, then I thought about the “fuzz” in my pockets. It’s winter. It’s usually snuggled in a pocket with a couple of Kleenex tissues. I’m not ready to be without it if it suddenly decided to not charge due to fuzz.

So, I called for the third time. The first call was not good. She (un-named) said I’d have to give them my credit card info and if they determined that it had been dropped or dunked, I’d be charged. Second call was better but I still held off. Then others chimed in that there had been others with the same issue and so, I now have a new one.

It’s sitting on my dresser because, I’m not going to switch it out until this sensor dies.

Life is good, in spite of our NH snow. We had a foot last weekend (that looks very strange – we had a foot?) and it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Dexcom #2

  1. Ugh, sounds like those covers fall off pretty easily. I hope they can figure out a way to make them stronger, so you Dex-Peeps don’t have to deal with it. Hugs!!

  2. Tallygear makes a really nice cover for the G4 – it fits tightly around it, is made of Lycra with a clear cover over the whole face of the G4 and —–wait for it—–keeps it from falling out of my pocket! And protects the little sliding USB protector. I bought some belt clips on amazon and since there’s a belt loop on the back of the Tallygear case, I can clip it to my waistband and not worry about it falling off. I was really paranoid about it falling and smashing into a million little pieces…..

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