Mind Games

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to do Sudoku or Crossword Puzzles or Circle the Word games to keep my older mind active and learning.

I have Diabetes and it plays enough mind games with me.

I have a pump and it keeps me alert and awake some nights with its beeps and songs.

I have a CGM and it is the first thing I look at it the morning. Good number usually means a good day. A rotten number usually means I start my day with “What??” or one those George Carlin words. (Back in the old days, those words were not usually uttered in public…)

The Ping song last night was my own fault. I’m cheap and even though I knew the reservoir was going to dip below 10 units, I knew it would make it through the night. It did but it was noisy.

Dex at 2am, when Ping was singing “You’re going to run out of insulin,” said 140’s, so not bad.

Dex at 6am said over 200. (Insert one or more George Carlin words here.)

Got up, corrected, drank coffee, read blogs.

Dex kept climbing.

I refused to change out the Ping inset until I took a shower, so did another correction.

Dex kept climbing so I gave up and took the shower. Where I removed the inset. And promptly notice a crusty, bloody bump. (I didn’t take a photo – aren’t you happy?)


Did a new site. Over-corrected because Ping thinks I have enough insulin. And by mid-morning, all was good.

I won! Kind Bars from Joanne – over at Death of a Pancreas.
In addition to some yummy stuff, Elise drew a picture!
2013-03-20 011

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