He didn’t give up…

As some of my readers (all 10 or so of you… I love all of you!) know, my younger brother saw a doctor at the beginning of this year and was told he was probably pre-diabetic, if not a full fledged Type 2 Diabetic.

The morning I took him for his follow-up appointment, his BG was 178. And I cried – but not in front of him.

We bought a meter and strips. We did a crash course in label reading.

I challenged his physician (ARNP) on some of his “assumptions.” Poor guy never knew what hit him and had never heard of LADA Type 1. (Maybe I should teach at a medical school?)

My brother is now the #4 child of four children taking thyroid medication.

The pre-d? He’s nailing it. He’s lost weight. He reads nutrition labels. His BG numbers are down. The thyroid meds are working.

And he feels pretty damn good about himself. In addition to just feeling better physically.

We talked the other day and he admitted he was scared, real scared back in January.

He also admitted that changing his eating habits (he cooks at a local diner) was really tough. It’s summer – he makes tons of chocolate chip pancakes every day for our visiting tourists. Putting a few potato chips in a small bowl as opposed to sitting on the couch with the whole bag has not been easy for him.

He has thanked me for helping/teaching him.

And now I thank all the Type 2 Bloggers because I couldn’t have helped him without you. I knew so little about Diabetes when I was diagnosed (first with T2, then T1Lada). I know more now, and I’m still learning.

His most important lesson… It’s not his fault.

9 thoughts on “He didn’t give up…

  1. Nothing hurts more than seeing a family member we love going through any health crisis. Your brother was very lucky to have such a supportive (and knowledgeable) sister when he needed one. I’m so glad he was able to make the changes he did, I’m sure you’re very proud of him!!

  2. “…I cried – but not in front of him…”

    It’s hard. We all know that this is totally manageable and want to be the voice of optimism and not despair, but it’s still hard to see someone, especially someone we care so much about, have to face this.

    He’s lucky to have you as a sister and a role-model.

  3. I always say, I don’t wish diabetes on anyone, and certainly not those I love and care for. Sounds like your brother is taking things seriously, and is blessed to have you in his corner!

  4. This is so super sweet!
    Very few older LADA diagnosises go this way. Very few who get diagnosed try hard to be healthy so MAJOR major kudos to him. He has the best to learn from (you) and I loved this post!!

  5. I wouldn’t wish diabetes on anyone, but I am glad you are there to help your brother. Imagine the treatment he’d have without you!

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