Throwing it out

In our efforts to “de-clutter” our home, I’m wading through piles and files of medical paperwork, most of it – not unsurprisingly – mine.

man-climbing-paperworkWith diabetes, as I’m sure with any chronic disease/condition, there are tons of test results, EOBs, notes from physicians, personal notes. Add to that the daily test/food logs (yup, I did them, back then), computer print outs of Dexcom reports,Β Ping reports. Then, there’s that pile of instruction books and pamphlets that arrived with the d-equipment. And don’t forget the 3 pages of directions that come with your insulin and other prescriptions.

I’m not done yet but – a whole lot of it went into our paper recycling bin. Another whole lot of it went into the shredder.Β  M took stuff to the Recycling Center (dump) today, including the bag of shreddings. While there, a woman from the local Humane Society was also at the dump and happily took the big bag of shreddings with her as they use it for bedding for the animals.

It makes me chuckle to know that all that medical paperwork will soon be saturated with ______. Well, you know…

17 thoughts on “Throwing it out

  1. I once had the brilliant idea that I would scan everything and store it electronically rather than on paper. Yeah, that never happened. But considering how often I refer to that old stuff (never), I suppose disposing of it is the best idea. You chose a good – and metaphorically appropriate – way to do it.

  2. Over the winter I went thru and shredded a ton of stuff and most of it medical papers. I pulled out a couple tests that I wanted to keep and got rid of the rest. That was when my sister & brother-in-law were taking garbage over to the dumpster – I told them it looked worse than what it was!

  3. Ha ha, in a small way I feel like diabetes is getting what it deserves . . . . a pile of . . . . well, you know!

  4. I’m a weird pack-rat when it comes to my old D-supplies and also on the paperwork that goes along with it – from medical records to materials and pamphlets. I so need to de-clutter, too. LOVE that the Humane Society woman got them and there’s a “good” use in store! Ha! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. One thing I appreciate about our insurance is that the EOBs and a lot of the paperwork is stored online, rather than coming in the mail. Makes for less piles of paper. Now only if the pharmacy would get the memo…

  6. I need to do this too… Maybe I should pay Elise a nickel a sheet for shredding. That’s the only foreseeable way I could get it done

  7. I am feeling inspired to sing “Circle of Life” from Lion King right now πŸ˜‰

  8. I went through a massive purge last year and just threw a way so much free D-tech stuff I’d gotten from pharma for PR. I kept saying “I’ll do something with it…eventually” and then realized that eventually just wasn’t going to happen! I felt so much better when the excess was gone.

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