Strip Safely – my thoughts

Strip Safely – scares the s*** out of me.

Think about it. Right now our BG strips can give us a range of +/- 20 points percent either way. That’s ridiculous. It could kill me/us.

We all love posting those meter pics where we’ve attained the “Oh Boy!” 100. What if instead our meters said 80 – 120? Now what do you do? Eat, or dose insulin? (I have to be honest, I’m usually fairly content with a 120 but…that’s not the point…)

I don’t drive at 80. I don’t drive at 90 if it’s the end of the workday and I’m heading home. My afternoon drops can be interesting/scary. And even though I don’t have a difficult commute, I still won’t drive home in the afternoon if it’s under 100 without eating/drinking something. There’s many a time I’ve sat in my office after closing; slurping down some juice, just so I can go home. I do that because, I know the strips aren’t accurate. I do that because I don’t want to have an accident. I do that because – what if I had an accident and hurt someone else?

I need to trust the strips. My life depends on them. They should be accurate.

Read more about it –


“Blood glucose test strips are at the center of diabetes life. The FDA acknowledges there are inaccurate strips in the marketplace but has no process to remove them. People with diabetes are at risk from inaccurate strips. Let’s change that. “

And then, sit at your computer and write some letters. All of the info is at the Strip Safely site.


2 thoughts on “Strip Safely – my thoughts

  1. Thanks for helping spread the word, Colleen.

    I don’t want to scare you further, but the situation is even worse. It’s not -/+ 20 points, it’s 20%… (that’s a simplification, it’s a bit different percent depending on whether you’re on the high or low end of things).

  2. Scary indeed. I like how u posted about what u do with driving. Obviously we haven’t dealt with that one yet. I’ll b a wreck !

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