I stopped baking in 2005 when I was diagnosed. First diagnosis was Type 2, then it was changed to Type 1 LADA a couple of years later.

It’s not like I did a whole lot of baking. There’s only two of us so a cake makes no sense. But I’ve missed making/baking other things – like cookies and muffins and even (surprise…) cupcakes.

Last week a friend went blueberry picking and gave me a humongous container of the hugest blueberries. I’ve mixed a handful in with my breakfast yogurt each morning and I’ve been popping a few throughout the days. They’re truly, really, awesomely delicious.

So, today I said, “The hell with it!” and made blueberry muffins. I’ve made blueberry muffins before and they were – blah… This recipe used sour cream and were/are really, really good. (Hmmm, maybe they taste even better since I haven’t had one in a long, long time?)

I used the “Say Mmmm” site to determine the carbs – I made 23 muffins and they’re 24 carbs each. I can do that!

Here are some photos and the website with the recipe. If you have some fresh picked blueberries, this is a great way to devour them!

Too Many Blueberry Muffins

2013-07-28 002 2013-07-28 004

6 thoughts on “Baking

  1. Those look really good! I bake a couple times a year but try to only do it if I can take it someplace. Cupcakes are good because you can sample before you take them and no one will know!

  2. No reason to stop baking! As with many favourite foods it’s just a matter of figuring out the insulin needs. In some ways this sucks because if you find a way to make it work, well then it’s justifiable! But those muffins look entirely JUSTIFIABLE!

  3. Oh yum, those look amazing. I love anything blueberry, alas my family does not, so I don’t usually bake/cook with them since I only buy a small amount at a time. If you ever have a lot of nectarines, I have a great recipe for nectarine muffins!

  4. My problem is I can’t stop at just one and I don’t eat more than 30 carbs per meal. I will live vicariously through you.

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