Introducing my new morning carbs

Remember how I wrote about missing orange juice?

T50_OJNoPulp_59Not any more.

Following my latest bone density test, I’ve now been diagnosed with osteoporosis. It wasn’t a huge surprise as the first test said I was osteopenic several years ago. (I think I’m going to have to put that one in spell checker. Can you imagine misspelling osteopenic?)

Anyway, I did the Fosamax thing for several years, had no issues while taking it, but – the dx came anyway.

I’m not thrilled.

My PCP doesn’t want to start the med again and would prefer that I work with my endo on this issue. But meanwhile, she suggested that I try to get as much calcium in my diet as possible. And gave me a handy, dandy list of calcium rich foods.

I don’t eat many of them…

I love cheese, yogurt, broccoli and guess what – ice cream is of course on the list (it’s pretty low on the list…).

Milk. I don’t think I’ve had a glass of milk since my D diagnosis. (Mostly because the only way I drank milk was with several Oreos to dunk in that milk.)

I don’t eat fish (salmon, canned w/ bones – ick, sardines, Atlantic, canned w/bones – more ick).

Despite being married to a Southern Gentleman, I still don’t eat kale, collard greens or turnip greens.

Back to the orange juice. The Tropicana low sugar fortified with calcium is now part of every breakfast. 8 ounces is 13 carbs and 35% of daily calcium.

I can do that. And thankfully, bungee jumping was never, ever on my bucket list.

10 thoughts on “Introducing my new morning carbs

  1. Ha! I actually love a lot of items on this list. In our family, women have actually be diagnosed with too much calcium, if you can believe such a thing exists. If we’re not low, we’re high <—get it!

  2. I love this! You were faced with an obstacle and you chose the healthy road. I’m so impressed by how you take care of yourself.

  3. We use the trop 50 in our smoothies… Haven’t noticed a taste change. Sorry about the dx, yay for finding something you like!

  4. Sorry you’re dealing with low calcium, but yay for finding a way (and a reason) to work orange juice back into your morning!! I’m with you on the fish thing – I do like fish but NOT salmon or sardines. Too bad ice cream isn’t higher on the list. 😉

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