The Amazing DOC

Do you realize how amazing you are – you DOC people?

I do the charity stuff at our church office. I have a youngish man with lots of family issues and lots of needs. And in spite of a job, and working – not a lot of money. Add in a teenage daughter with massive medical issues and his life is pretty sucky.

Then – he mentions that he has T2 – hasn’t seen the doctor in months. Hasn’t had his medication (Metformin)  in months. Hasn’t tested in months. And can’t afford to go to the doctor. He’s worried about driving his daughter as his vision keeps blurring.

I guess I have T1 Diabetes for a reason. I guess I read d-blogs for a reason. And I thank all the T2 bloggers for writing about their diabetes.

I lit into him. Did the whole “put your oxygen mask on first…” and let him know that he had to take care of himself.

And this morning he called from Wal-Mart. He has prescriptions. He’s seeing the doctor tomorrow. He’s getting help to pay for the appointment. He still had no idea what meter he uses and he’s out of strips. I told him to buy a Relion meter and strips. I let him know the church would pay for it.

He called back this afternoon. He bought the meter. He tested. I asked, and his BG was 278. He will take his meds. He will take care of his daughter.

I wouldn’t have had a clue about T2. I wouldn’t know that Wal-Mart sells an inexpensive meter. I wouldn’t know what to tell him…

I did know what to tell him.

Thank you Diabetes Online Community. You really are quite amazing. Really!

9 thoughts on “The Amazing DOC

  1. And thank YOU for taking the time to talk to him about his health and sharing with him the information that you have! Not everyone would have done that. And God bless your church for helping with his meter & strips.

  2. Yes, the DOC is fantastic, but YOU are fantastic also for reading and reaching out and helping us all and helping him. So thank you!!

  3. You more than what the DOC can do, because you took the time to speak to this guy. Not many people are willing to give up a few minutes of their time to help. But yes, I second your view that the DOC is a wonderful community.

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  5. Bravo to you and to him. Sometimes we reach out and our voices fall on deaf ears but you made your voice heard and he and his daughter will be better for it. It is true that being part of the diabetes community has taught me so much about all diabetes, all different kinds of struggles, all different kinds of heroes. Thank you for sharing, thank you for reading, thank you for reaching out and making a difference.

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