Nothing exciting…

Haven’t posted in over 2 weeks as – I really don’t have a whole lot to say.

I never thought I’d get to the point where Diabetes is just part of my life. It’s been a little over 8 years.  Being dx’d at age 54 was quite surprising (Type 1 LADA) (Yup, I’m older than most of the d-bloggers…). Very often it’s an annoying part of my life. But other times, it’s just there.

I can’t imagine doing this without other d-bloggers. In the “old” days, I probably would have spent hours in a library trying to find more information. And the information probably would have been out of date.

Sometimes I can go for days thinking, “By George, I’ve got it!” Other days, like today, I scratch my head and think, “What in God’s name is causing my bg to be over 200?”

Some nights I wonder why oh why am I low? (Um, that would be 1am last night.) But I just walk to the kitchen (it’s not far) and drink my juice, head back to the bedroom, let my husband know that all is good, and fall back asleep. If I was talented there would be video of me at 1am last night trying to screw the damn cap back on the juice. It was pretty pathetic and I giggled thinking it would be a great video but – pictures of me at 1am would not be pretty.

As I inserted a new Dexcom sensor this evening, it amazed me that I wasn’t sweating buckets and shaking (which is what I did for at least a year). Now, not that big of a deal – well, unless I hit something and bleed all over the bathroom but… hasn’t happened too, too much. And by the way, I’ve never gotten over 2 weeks from a sensor and feel lucky if I get 9-10 days. Today’s was 9 days. Oh well.

So – that’s my update and thankfully, it hasn’t snowed YET – up here in NH. We turned the heat on last night…

3 thoughts on “Nothing exciting…

  1. I’ve kind of fallen off the blog map too. I’ve got loads of ideas, I’m just never awake enough to write about them.
    I think you’re doing pretty darn great at diabetes. I’d love to see a funny 1am picture 😛

  2. It seems everyone is quiet these days… Nobody writing or reading. What am I supposed to do instead of cleaning and laundry?

    Glad to hear you’re doing well!

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