Good Grief!

I happily posted this on FB last night: “M (aka my husband) just did his first Dexcom insert in MY arm. Yay for my T3!”

15 minutes later – “Sensor Failed” (I didn’t do an FB post for that. I don’t like showing my stupidity on FB.)

I think we skipped a step – he was nervous – I was stupid and nervous. We’ve been married a very long time but he’s never had to shoot a needle into me.

So we did it again. And so far, it’s working just fine. Although its first few hours were a little wonky and really annoying at 2am but… “It’s 2am and your blood sugar is 42.” No it wasn’t. Sigh… It was 92.

Today’s been good. I just keep forgetting it’s there when I’m changing clothes. Luckily, I haven’t ripped it off, yet.


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4 Responses to Good Grief!

  1. Katie says:

    Awesome! I’m going to have my fiance help me tonight with my arm insertion.

  2. Sara says:

    I think we are solidly in fall weather here in Vegas so I just put my pump site on my arm for the first time this season. I think my sleeves will be long enough for a while 😉

  3. StephenS says:

    Good going… guess I’ve gotta be married a few more years before my spouse will do that for me.

  4. Karen says:

    Fantastic!! Two tries is definitely not bad at all. I don’t know if you remember my story about the time I had Pete insert a sensor for me. He was so nervous, and then when he inserted it he was so excited that he pulled away the inserter – without releasing the sensor first. *sigh* Yup, pulled the brand new sensor right back out. I never did give him a second try . . .

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