Postcard Month

So, tomorrow is WDD. World Diabetes Day. November 14th. The birthdate of Dr. Frederick Banting in 1891.

I can’t imagine the ability to discover insulin. I’m always awed by those who have made the amazing medical discoveries that keep us all alive.

My grandfather died of pneumonia – before there was penicillin.

Just think – without insulin, most of us d-people wouldn’t be around.

And so tomorrow, I will think of the Doctors Banting and Best. And be grateful they were stubborn men who didn’t give up.

In recognition, I sent out some postcards. Lee Ann is always encouraging us to be artsy. I don’t have a creative bone in my body but – I still had fun.

So I mailed my postcards (truth – I didn’t – my husband mailed them for me) on Tuesday. And because they come out of my computer (magic!) (there are no crayons, no colored pencils, no markers in this house…) (I felt very fortunate that my printer didn’t run out of ink as the nearest place to get ink is 40 minutes down the interstate), I even sent out a few extras. I only knew one name on the list – WHAT?! – I don’t know everyone???  Hi Sue! (Go visit her blog!)

I also now have a new friend on FB. Hi Helen in Montana!

I did a Diabetes Word Search!


8 thoughts on “Postcard Month

  1. what an awesome idea colleen!! i think i’ll print this off and do the wordsearch tomorrow, while eating a cupcake in honour of Dr. Banting’s birthday, and wearing my blue WDD shirt, my diabetes pin and bracelet!!

  2. I wanted to do the postcard thing, but let’s be honest, these days I have enough trouble getting dressed in the morning! What a cool idea!

    Happy WDD!

  3. the word search is hilarious as is your excitement over it!
    I didn’t do the postcard thing, I did it the first time but it stresses me out too much.

  4. Hi Colleen!
    This is just a quick note to say I received this postcard this morning and it has made my day! I’m doing the word search as I sit on the train to go and visit my sister! Thank you so much, and I’ll send you an email when I’m not sat on a train typing on my mobile!
    All the best,

  5. Love the cards! Sadly, I didn’t get my ducks together to do the postcard thing this year but I’m glad you did! (& had fun doing it)

  6. hi Colleen,
    I’m one of the lucky ones having your postcard, it’s a really nice postcard.
    I’m from Portugal, you can find me on bruno
    I don’t have diabetes, I’m a nurse working day in day out with children with diabetes
    love my job, love the children, love life
    all the best for you

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