Doing what we gotta do…

Going to the dentist is one of those things that we “gotta do.”

As my dentist said today, he really has never heard anyone say, “Oh boy, I have a dentist appointment.”

And we all know that I have never, ever said that.

As a child I worked myself into a frenzy when I had to see a dentist. As an Army Brat, you need to understand that I saw many new dentists throughout my childhood. Many of them were fresh out of dental school dentists. It was never a fun experience.

I survived today with the help of modern pharmaceuticals taken before I left the house. And it helped.

I have a new temporary crown and all is good.

And for those of you who really don’t mind having dental work done, I envy you.

Fun part today was watching a squirrel running back and forth from under a bird feeder to a stump. Back and forth he ran for the entire time I sat in the chair. (Ok – just when I was actually sitting up and could see out the window as opposed to being flat out prone on the chair and just counting the holes in the ceiling tiles…) Which was a long time. And there was a beautiful blue jay on the feeder but he was only able to pick at the stuff that had fallen to the ground/snow as it was a smallish feeder.

And yup – still doing okay with the smoking quit – just over 100 days. Yay, me! (I shoulda done it a long time ago…)

4 thoughts on “Doing what we gotta do…

  1. A HUGE congratulations on holding your ground (with the no smoking)!!…and for surviving the dentist. I go in early March!

  2. Colleen, I have to admit that I avoid the dentist. I’ve had a couple of good ones over the years, but for one reason or another I always wound up with the worst dentists in the world. Now, I won’t go unless I have to. Good for you for being brave enough to hang in there, both with the dentist and the non-smoking.

  3. Nobody really LIKES dental work but some people are downright afraid of it. My husband is terrified of the dentist and the anxiety starts days before the appointment. Me? I could care less. I don’t particularly like it but I certainly don’t mind it. I empathize with my husband by thinking about my complete irrational fear of vomit. He can throw up no matter what, whenever he wants. Me? It gives me panic attacks and I sometimes faint. So that’s how I relate. Dentists for him is like puking for me. Sometimes we just have to get through it or we live our life trying to avoid it.

    I meant to comment on your post about quitting smoking awhile ago. MAJOR KUDOS AND CONGRATS! Firstly, I had no idea you were a smoker! and I’m so very happy for you. You’ve changed your destiny and that’s worth celebrating!

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