pride goeth before fall (uh – failure)

You might have seen my gleeful post on FB this morning about inserting the Dexcom on my arm all by myself. I was soooo excited. Really!

Two hours later – it did the hourglass thing.

A few minutes later it buzzed and I got all set to test and enter my two numbers.

But – it said, “Sensor Failed.”

Well, damn.

I went home and got another one and got it inserted (with help). Actually, I got two so I’ll have a spare. Just have to keep an eye on the expiration date.

Then, I drove all the way over to the hospital for an appointment that I’d rescheduled on a snow day earlier this month because, yes, there are times that we are not able to get out of our driveway and/or road. Well (just call me Alexander…), whoever did the reschedule, never rescheduled it. I had no appointment.

Wait – it gets worse. The “check engine” light came on as I was driving back to work. It’s not blinking so I didn’t have to stop but gee whiz. The mechanic had done a “hope this fixes it, quick fix.” Nope, gonna have to pay for the fix it for real fix.

Oh – and “Alexander?” – One of my kids’ favorite books and mine…


4 thoughts on “pride goeth before fall (uh – failure)

  1. bummer to the a-hole of a day.
    Sometimes when shit just goes wrong over and over (and over) it’s almost comical. ALMOST
    Have a good day soon! you earned it.

    • So, you made me laugh.   Actually, you made me snort.   Thanks for being a friend. I appreciate it.   Love Ya!   Colleen


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