Time for a new pump

Some back story first.

My Ping is being a pain at times – nah, not the insert part. It’s the communication part. It’s not its fault. (wow – weird using it’s and its in one sentence). Ok, back to the story.

My Ping’s four years was up the first week of December. I had called well before that trying to get it set up to go ahead and order a new one before my warranty was done. BUT…

My insurance, which I won’t name but it rhymes with “bigna,” apparently doesn’t worry that a pump might be old and so, if using that insurance, you can’t get a new pump until your pump dies. (Reminds me of traffic stuff where everyone knows a signal light is needed but there haven’t been enough accidents to warrant installing a traffic light). Ok, back to the story, again.

This has happened…
Huge meal – I’ve been looking forward to bolusing an unreal amount of insulin to cover a disgusting amount of carbs. Do the combo thing – set it up – push the buttons and… The meter says, “Bolus canceled. Check pump.”

Small meal. Very little insulin. Sitting with friends at work. Beeping and cancelling and, damn this is annoying.

And this has happened…
“Unable to find pump.” “Move pump closer.” Excuse me? The pump is hanging on my jeans and the meter is in my hand. How much closer do you want?

I know these things happen but this was more than once a week. In fact one day I had several of “I can’t find the pump, stupid.”

So I called Animas last Friday. Went through the trouble-shooting stuff. Even had to remove that piece of peelable plastic on the screen. (I have no clue why that would matter…)

Anyway – “Oh, we’ll need to start the process to replace your pump.” “We are going to send you a replacement pump as yours doesn’t seem to be working properly.” “Someone will call you tomorrow to start the paperwork for the replacement pump.”


No one called.

So I called – and got the paperwork started.

And today, a box from Animas was in my mailbox. It’s empty. Did they forget to put the loaner pump in the box?

So I called.

I have truly appreciated my Animas Pump for the last 4+ years. I’ve appreciated the tech support. I like my pump.

But, I’m frustrated. The paper work? Signed, scanned, emailed – no one had seen it.

The salesperson is a new father of his first child. I get that but. Someone should have contacted me.

The empty box? That’s so I can send them my current pump. So I asked, “What? You want me to die?”

The other salesperson says, “We’ll get that loaner to you tomorrow.” I don’t think so. We have more snow and ice arriving tonight and even though this is not Atlanta, it can be tough. (As an aside – we got 11.5 inches of snow on Tuesday afternoon and night. No schools were closed or delayed.)

I’m somewhat frustrated and threatened to go to a t-slim. The salesperson was calm but…

“Your pump’s not working correctly.” But I still don’t have a loaner??? After a week???

4 thoughts on “Time for a new pump

  1. colleen,
    My warranty ran out in October. Remember, we got our first pumps about the same time? Anyways, Kaiser Permanente (I have no problem saying their name out loud!) says the same thing. Only thing my doctor could do is put in emergency humalog and lantus and a meter prescriptions. It has taken Animas WAY too many years to get the Vibe approved (by the time they do, the UK will have a new model!) and I am about D-U-N DONE with Animas. Saw the fancy new t-slim in person and I’m starting to think it looks pretty snazzy.


  2. Colleen, I’m sorry you’re getting the runaround. They should appreciate you more as a customer! Especially since you seem to be willing to give them some profitable business in the near term. Hope this gets resolved very soon.

  3. Colleen, I switched to the T:Slim almost a year ago and I am extremely happy that I did (A1C has gone from a 8.9 to under 7.0 within the year) so I would give it a thought.

    The most important issue is feeling that the pump company, that you are a customer of, “gets” that this is a device that keeps you alive!! Every minute with a malfunctioning pump is unacceptable! (Not to mention that the insurance company would treat a patient with this level of “wait until something terrible happens” is also greatly upsetting! Of which I see significantly increasing with anything to do with Cigna….sorry, I think saying the name of said insurance company to be absolutely necessary…they should be embarrassed !!!)

    Tandem’s customer service has been exceptional! I had an issue with my pump on a Saturday afternoon and had a replacement HAND DELIVERED to me the following Sunday morning at 9am. It was put on a chartered flight and personally delivered to me. Amazing!!

    I hope the situation gets better for you soon!!!!!

  4. Hi Colleen! Yikes, what a ride. I’m sorry. I hope that you’re able to get everything you need without anymore trouble or headache. Please keep us posted. Thinking of you!

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