Once a Month?

I’m not a professional blogger – well, that’s fairly obvious…
I’m not going to blog every day and for that, I’m sure you’re grateful.

Back when I started blogging I’d do the November blog every day thing and usually regret it within 3 days. But still, once a month? I’ll try to do better!

I’m so far behind on reading blogs – it’s pathetic. There are over 700 blogs unread on my FEEDLY thing. I’m playing catch up tonight – and listening to Chris and her husband, Ryan, while reading and now typing.

I have a new Animas Ping Pump. I stuck with the familiar and so far, so good.

My diabetes has not been “well controlled” recently. But it’s been interesting. Who the he** knows what’s going on? It’s annoying. I scream a lot – and to be honest, sometimes I cry. If I’m not low, I’m high – seems like I’m having a tougher time finding that happy d-medium. It feels better when I read that others are just as frustrated as I am.

Animas – it took almost a month to get the new pump stuff done – sent – etc… It shouldn’t be that difficult. We don’t have a local Animas rep anymore and that makes it even more difficult. It didn’t seem like they (Animas) were all that anxious to have me as a paying (Insurance) customer. And my endo’s office was not happy with the repeated requests for the same info more than once.

Spring has sprung – but not here. Although, some of my daffodils that I planted last fall are at least an inch or so out of the ground. They got snowed on last night. Sigh…

Karen (the cute lady with the new hair-do) – over at Bitter-Sweet – reminded us that it’s almost D-Blog Week. Already?

We are going to head to Nags Head, NC at the end of the month. I need to see flowers and green, and feel warm. The sand and the ocean will help. Anything that’s blooming will make me feel so, so much better.

Friends have loaned us The Sopranos – I have to shut my eyes for the bloody parts and the Bada Bing girls and their b**bs annoy me but – it’s fun to watch. And then I’ll watch the Duggars. Another sigh… Two very opposite extremes.

The QUIT SMOKING thing has lasted six months. Yay for me! It wasn’t/hasn’t been terrible but, it’s still annoying. And yes, I have gained weight – which is really annoying.





2 thoughts on “Once a Month?

  1. Thanks for linking to our silly podcast!

    I do hope you write more, but I also understand what life is like and I don’t write much either!!!

    MAJOR kudos on the 6month smoke free!!!! I’m so effing proud of you!!!

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