Road Trip!

Next week we’ll be driving all the way to Nags Head, North Carolina.

Beach, sun, sand and I’ll bet there are things blooming! No jackets! No fleece!

We’re not going to push ourselves. We used to do that with two kids and while we survived it – we’re not doing 12+ hours in the car, in one day, now that it’s just the two of us.

Biggest issue – thing(s) I have to remember – extra baggage, is of course the d-supplies.

2014-04-22 002Last year I bought – on sale! (no surprise…) – a small back pack just for lugging the d-stuff around. It’s great because, I tend not to lose it (well, not yet) or forget it (again, not yet) due to its bright, somewhat annoying colors.

It was especially handy on a flight where I’d packed it in my carry-on bag – and – they were taking the carry-on bags when we got on the plane. I just removed my pink d-bag and let the bigger bag go to the luggage place or whatever/wherever in the plane.

I put everything in it – all d-supplies – all baggies w/ juice boxes – all d-everything.

It’s great when we’re “on the road,” also. Stays in the back seat (no kids, remember?), is the first thing taken into the hotel/motel – friend’s house. I’m not searching through make up, or toothpaste looking for a pump inset/cartridge. It’s proved to be a great purchase and worth every bit of the 5 or so dollars I spent on it.

Onward! To the NJ Turnpike – the road we all love to hate.


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