Nope, It’s Not a Secret!

First – May 18th was the last time I posted?? I guess I’m more boring than I thought!

Today’s post – about a secret? I’ve never kept my diagnosis a secret. Now, you need to remember that I was just about 55 years old when I was diagnosed with LADA – (The other Type 1). At 55, I really didn’t care who knew that I had Diabetes. It didn’t even bother me when most assumed it was Type 2. Their comments were bothersome, and if it had been T2, I might have felt like slugging a few people but  –  I tried to gently explain that I was an older person who was dx’d with “Juvenile Diabetes.” Amusingly enough, most people understood that. And yes, I know we don’t use that term but – people who are not part of the whole D-World don’t know that.

This week – at my office – which is at a church, a woman from a nearby town phoned wanting to enroll her 2nd grade daughter in a week long summer program (VBS, for those in the know…) here at our church. She told our director that her daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and that she’d been told by someone in our parish that her daughter would be more than welcome as the parish secretary has Type 1 and she has a pump. I am so pleased that the young mom from our parish a) knew about my d and b) assumed that I’d make this mom feel safe about leaving her daughter. I’m looking forward to meeting her and her mom!

So – yup – my Diabetes is not a secret.

And boring? Not really. Just enjoying the (finally!!) summer weather and flowers and sunshine and visitors and life…

6 thoughts on “Nope, It’s Not a Secret!

  1. Please forgive me for my first thought when I read this post’s title. Seeing as how a couple of other d-bloggers recently revealed the secret that they were pregnant, my mind went in that direction, immediately followed by a sudden wave of “it can’t be!”

    But to your story, I think it’s wonderful that (1) your director knows and understands all of this about your diabetes, (2) your director recognizes your openness and willingness to discuss things related to diabetes, (3) that you ARE open and willing to discuss things related to diabetes, and (4) that this girl will have someone to speak with; someone who understands the feelings and temptations, and more than just the methods and procedures that the doctors teach.

    • As I pick myself up – off the floor – howling…
      You really are funny – and amusing – and what a giggle for the evening!
      And yes, you are forgiven.

  2. Colleen, this is amazing and so cool! Glad you are there for this girl, and that people know you are there. Thanks for being such a great advocate!

  3. This is wonderful… From the parent of a small child with type 1, I can tell you things like this mean the world to us and make us feel okay about letting go. So thank you!

    And I often use you as an example when people don’t believe that type 1 can happen to adults.

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