Keeping Up with the… “DOC Bloggers”

I have no clue whether this is happening on Monday the 21 or Tuesday the 22. Just take the time to comment where you read.

Believe it or not (no, I’m not walking on air…), I’ve been around awhile. I can remember asking a d-blogger’s permission to add their blog to my blog list. I used to read the d-blogs from my favorites’ list – no reader list. (And no, I never walked to school up hill, barefoot, in the snow. So, there!)

I can remember my first commenter and I’m not going to repeat it as I don’t like being one of those people who throw in lots of d-blog links to popular d-blogs. I do love throwing in a link or two when I find a sort of new blogger who’s not getting many, if any comments.

And so – Hannah (in 2013) (Yup – you need to read her comment over there)  & I guess, Chris,(redo for 2014) have taken up the cause of “We need to start leaving more comments!” And you know what? They’re right. (And yes, I just threw in two links to two well known d-bloggers. Oh well. Deal with it.

I really do love this idea. I’m a former Army Brat. I was always the “new kid.” And you know what, it’s not easy. I went to 3 high schools. Try that someday. It did make me sort of “in your face” with “Hi, my name’s Colleen!” in introducing myself at each school.

So – on Monday, (or maybe it’s Tuesday???) take the time to leave a comment on some d-blogs.

Take the time to say hello to someone new. It’s important.

And my own personal request – figure out how to moderate your comments so we don’t have to do the stupid captchas or whatever those are cuz the older I get, the harder it is to read them and retype them. And I believe that just might be stopping so many people from leaving a comment on blogs.

2014-07-14Oh – and boy, do I need to catch up. Here’s a screen shot of my Feedly list. I’ll have to have this cleaned up by Monday – July 21! 126 Type 1 blogs to get through.

I can do this! (and no, I’m not linking that, either!)


12 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the… “DOC Bloggers”

  1. I never heard anything after Facebook when July 22 (Tuesday) was mentioned. If you hear anything definite, do spread the word.

  2. Well, now I just have to comment. 🙂 I’m guilty of having trouble with captchas from my phone and not leaving comments on everything I read, particularly if it’s a Blogspot/Blogger site. My phone seems to hate those but does fine with WordPress…which makes me feel guilty bc I’m a Blogger user myself. Anyway, commenting! Hi!

  3. I know I should comment each time I read a post but (should I admit this?) I can’t always thing of something to say. It seems lame to say “nice post” or “I agree” but it isn’t really, is it? So – Nice post! I agree!

  4. Thanks for spreading the word. I’m looking forward to finding some new blogs to read after all of the dust settles.

    For the record, I’m encouraging everyone to participate in #dblogcheck on Tuesday, July 22.

    See you then!

  5. CHECK IT OUT…I’m #dblogcheck – ing!!!!!!

    Thank you for always sharing your journey…I do miss the days of scrolling through blogs and commenting/receiving comments.

    Also, CHEERS!!! to the captcha idea!!!!!

  6. I went to three high schools too! And you are right – it does feel like I’m the new kid on the block d-wise. But my CDE went to the AADE meeting this summer and got me an autograph from the author of a d-book she had of mine by a very a very popular blogger. Apparently the author actually recognized my name from my blog. I felt SO honored. And now nervous to write new posts 🙂 And I completely missed the dblogcheck thing. Rats.

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