I happened to look down at the carpet the other morning while trying to grab a shoe from under the bed skirt.

This is what I saw…


Made me sad. It’s drips from juice boxes. I’d never even noticed. I don’t think it’s blood. That would be a lot of blood.

I don’t know why they’re so dark. My juice of choice is almost always apple.

They did clean up.

My “Pollyanna” side says, “At least Dexcom woke you up and let you know you were low.”

But it’s depressing.

Oh, well…

5 thoughts on “Spotty?

  1. How about this – “Wow that apple juice cleans up well. Isn’t that great?” That is all I can come up with for that… Yes, it is pretty great that you get woken up when need be though…

  2. I know how you feel… I had to clean up a lot of spilled juice from the kitchen floor the other night. Sometimes the outward signs of our diabetes are awful.

  3. I have unintentionally marked my side of the bed with blood droplets. Even worse, we’re getting a new couch and I’m unsure about donating our old one because there are some teeny blood stains on the cushions that I can’t get out. Pretty sad, huh??

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