Oh, Hi There!

So – I’m not doing such a great job of writing here on this blog!

I’m also not doing such a great job of reading other blogs. So if you’re here reading this one, thanks very much. If you leave a comment I promise to go read your blog and leave a comment!

Oh, well.

We went to Ireland! And had a fabulous time!

2014-09-11 024 (600x800)I ate too much. I drank more beer in a week than I drink in  several months. And I learned that I really, really like Irish Coffee.

We totally enjoyed being tourists and visiting places we’ve only read about or seen on TV.

Favorite? The people we met were simply lovely and helpful and friendly and kind and fun and… you get the idea.

We did a tour thing – Irish Pubs and Folklore. It was our first tour thing. It was worth it to NOT have to drive on the left hand side of the roads.

The d-thing? I did okay. I brought enough supplies to outfit a small clinic (not really, but maybe…???) and didn’t have any mishaps. Yay, me!

2014-09-16 001 (600x800)I brought home candy bars. Not sweaters, not Waterford Crystal – chocolate candy bars. The ones made there taste much better than the ones made here.
And yes, I can eat these. Haven’t yet, though. They’re in the fridge for now.





Nope, I did not kiss the Blarney Stone. But I did walk up ALL those steps so I could take pictures.

2014-09-15 062 (800x800)

2014-09-23 04

This was in a store window. Has nothing to do with Dexcom but it made me smile.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Hi There!

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip. And good for you for ignoring your blog and reading other blogs. Our participation in the DOC is not supposed to be the main part of our life! It only seems that way sometimes….

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip. I went to Ireland ten years ago, by myself, rented a car, and took off for a week. A couple of days in Galway (loved it), a couple of days in Kilkenny (so many pubs!), a couple of days in Kinsale (overrated), and a day in Ennis before taking off. I came home with sweaters, scarves, and pottery all stuffed in my backpack… must’ve weighed 25 pounds. But nice gifts for family. Can’t wait to read more about your travels!

  3. Glad that you were able to get to Ireland. Maybe someday I will get over my fear of flying and go without someone drugging me and throwing me on a plane. I love all the pictures that I see from there and would love to go visit where my ancestors came from. And I am guessing that a lot of stuff in Ireland tastes better than here!

  4. Sounds like it was an absolutely perfect trip!!! I’m so glad for you both. I hope to have a trip like that some day, but to Italy. (Not that I wouldn’t absolutely love to go to Ireland too, but I have to do Italy first and see the town where my grandfather was born.)

    PS: Don’t feel obligated to come read / comment on my blog. I’m leaving you a comment just because I want to. 🙂

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