Dusting It Off

I’m very impressed with those d-bloggers who blog more than once every 3 or 4 months.

dustingI’m dusting this one off and I’m not happy with myself. I would have been a looney tune case if I hadn’t found the d-blogs. Really.

Those early d-blog pioneers were and still are amazing people.

I’m going to do better.

I’m going to write here more often with the hope that some other, “Oh My God, I have what?!” d-person will find this and know that – they’re not alone.

PS – Today was our 41st Wedding Anniversary. Wowee, Zowee!



5 thoughts on “Dusting It Off

  1. Three or four months… I think that’s just part of the natural cycle of things. We start out delicately tiptoeing into the blogosphere and wonder if anyone’s reading, then we go full-steam-ahead for a few months to a few years with posts 3 to 5 times a week, then we move on and the posts become less and less frequent. I’m at about a month of blog silence myself right now. But just as we find acceptance in sharing stories online, I also think there is an implied acceptance given by those who’ve stepped away.

    In their blog-silence, others are demonstrating that they’ve found other priorities in life; proving that they’ve found happier things to focus energy on than diabetes. In doing so, they allow others to do the same. While I sometimes envy those who post daily, I also envy those who have stepped away, happily and without guilt, and have gone on with their lives. So whether you decide to stick around for the long haul or just to make an effort to post once in awhile, your message is not lost, and rest assured that you’ve already filled your “obligation” to help those who are just starting to tiptoe into the D-community.

    And happy 41st anniversary. Wow!

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