It’s September? Really?

I want to do a burn out burnout post – if only to say that you can do the burn out burnout thing even when you haven’t had D forever and ever.

But – it’ll have to be later this week.

Oh – did you see me over there on Kerri’s blog? If no, go read – please. And then send some letters so I can retire.

Guest Post!

Just Googled burnout. It’s one word, not two. So now I have to edit.

3 thoughts on “Burnout?

  1. I choose to not call it burnout, but rather I’m tired. I’m tired of diabetes. Don’t get me wrong, I take care of my diabetes but it’s kind of on the back burner not up front and center. And because of that my a1c raised .2 % not huge but it does reflect the fact that my crazy life has put diabetes on the back burner. Now that I have an empty nest am I ready to move it back to the front burner, we’ll see. Though my older daughter and grand baby are coming back in 7 months for 6 months again.

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