8 Responses to Elevators

  1. Laddie says:

    My Share receiver arrived last week. I’ve set it up on my phone but not yet described the concept to my husband. I don’t think he is ready for this and maybe neither am I:-)

    The deck looks beautiful!

  2. Kate Cornell says:

    Gorgeous deck! Cute toenails! You rock, for sure. Ray and I are realizing how much work our old house will be as we get older. I hope my son and family don’t move away. We’re planning to hire the grandsons to help with the yard. 🙂 Well done you!

  3. Scott E says:

    Beautiful deck! We’ve got one of those maintenance-free “fake wood” ones. Your deck looks so much nicer…

  4. Jeff says:

    Would you like to come down to MA and build me a deck? You can use fake wood if you’d like.

  5. Karen says:

    Well, it certainly looks beautiful. But yeah, Pete and I are starting to seriously consider hiring pros for big house projects rather than DYIing it more and more often. Not a bad idea!!

  6. Colleen says:

    I do the exact same thing! Getting involved in a heavy work project and completely forgetting to look at or pay attention to the whining of my pump/Dexcom. It gets me in trouble way too often…..

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