Friends who give me cookies! I love those friends. It’s taken awhile to “educate” a few of them –

And even better, the friend who made and brought me an apple pie this week. It’s going to be delicious. This woman is known for her pies and her crusts.

I haven’t done much Christmas cookie baking since I was diagnosed – 10 years ago. I like baking. I like eating cookies. I’ve gotten better at the SWAG thing (scientific wild ass guessing) when it comes to counting/guessing carbs.

So this year – I decided, I will BAKE! (Do you watch the British Baking Show that was on right before Downton? It’s so much fun to watch!)

But – friends have given us so much and so – I’m not going to BAKE. Time enough in January when the snow starts (if it ever starts…).

Hope your Christmas or other holiday celebrations are merry and bright.

Thanks for being my friends. Really.