Day 1 – 2017 D-Blog Week

Really? The 8th Year?! How amazing!

Today’s post suggestion: There are two. I chose “good things diabetes has brought into my life.”

  1. All the d people who have become friends through blogging and facebooking
  2. The people I’ve met here in my town because I don’t keep my Diabetes a secret. Two great examples…
    The elderly woman who showed up in my church office holding her meter and lancet who said, “They told me you would help me.” “They” are some women in the church who know I have D and so when the woman was first diagnosed with Type 2 and at a loss as to how to test, they sent her to me.
    The second is a family whose young daughter with Type 1 who uses a pump. They were hesitant to send her to a summer program at the church until another parent said, “Oh, the parish secretary wears a pump! She’ll be there!”
  3. I know how to count carbs. Heck, I know what carbs are.
  4. I am soooooooooooooooo good at shutting up people who ask, “Can you eat that?” I used to teach. I can still teach. And I do!
  5. The D-Parents. You are all amazing!

Life goes on. We all hope and pray for this dreadful disease to be cured. I’m grateful that I found friends who have helped me for the past 12 years.

And that’s a good thing.

7 thoughts on “Day 1 – 2017 D-Blog Week

  1. Love your list! Thank you for #4 🙂 Hopefully, one day we won’t have to teach anymore about what we can and can’t eat.

  2. This post just makes me smile and smile. Thank you for all you do, and for being such a great example and a beacon for others. (And I’m glad I didn’t accidentally type “bacon” because I’m so hungry…)

  3. Me too… for all the bad that diabetes had brought us, the good more than makes up for it. I love our DOC!

  4. These are truly, all good things! ❤ And thanks for the shout out the parents. Oh how we wish we could take it all away!

  5. I love that one of your listed benefits is how you are sooooooo good at shutting people up. You are my favorite badass. 😀

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