Old blog, new insulin pump…

If it wasn’t for D-Blog week (Karen, is it happening this year?), this blog would be blank. Really – it’s been a year? Sigh…


There’s a new pump! The t:slim X2. (I had to investigate the correct way to write it…)

There’s new insurance! Egads, I’m on Medicare.

I had my first C-Peptide test. I passed (or maybe we fail…??)! I still have Type 1 Diabetes. What a surprise!

And, I officially retired on 12/31. You would think with all that extra time that I’d be on this computer just blogging away. Didn’t happen.

Until today, this switch from Animas to Tandem hasn’t been a really smooth transition.

Tandem is/was delightful but the young man handling my account/order had a tough time figuring out just which company I was going to order the pump and supplies through. By the third company, my endo’s office was calling and asking just what the heck was going on – as they were being contacted by each (3 of them) medical supply company during a two week period.

Then – the C-Peptide and fasting glucose was needed by the medical supply company for the approval. Again, the endo was annoyed (I love my endo) (thinks the test is a waste of time and money for me/my insurance) but did the order.

Then – I let the Tandem person know that I hadn’t ever seen or touched a t:slim so she said she’d have someone contact me – didn’t happen.

And Friday night I was called to say it was approved and yesterday I got a FedEx notice saying it’s being delivered on Thursday.

So… I shot off an unhappy email early this am and now – everything is fixed and sounds like it’s going to be a good experience. The trainer sounds delightful so I think this is going to be fun. Well – it’s still diabetes but we can have fun, right? Maybe I’ll bake some cupcakes for our training session.

Meanwhile – did some changes to this page and holy gee I have to figure out some stuff. I’ll get there. Stay tuned for more of me & medicare & tandem & dexcom.



6 thoughts on “Old blog, new insulin pump…

  1. I’m interested to hear your thoughts about the T-Slim X2. I have been using Omnipod for several years and am patiently, kind of, waiting for the integration of my Dexcomm. Good luck!

  2. U go girl!!!! Hope u enjoy ur t slim X2!!!! I’ve had mine for almost 19 mos & I love it w my G5 dex!!! Glad to hear of ur retirement but sorry ur having to deal w Medicare.

  3. After reading your blog posts on the new pump, I hope Elise doesn’t switch pumps… like, ever. Obviously, I don’t do change well. Glad you’re liking it!

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