Still pumping with the t:slim

And I haven’t given up!
I thought it would be more difficult to switch pumps – it’s been many years of listening to Für Elise as a reminder that, “Yo, you are going to run out of insulin.”

Thanks to some great training, and a bunch of cheat sheets, and a lot of deep breathing, I’ve survived my almost first week with my t:slim.

Some pros:
* I have a new friend and she’s a fabulous, patient, fun lady who happens to train people how to use the t:slim.
* I absolutely adore just punching in numbers as opposed to scrolling numbers on the Ping meter or Animas pump.
* I really, really like having my Dexcom screen on the pump.
IMG_2143 (361x640)* That cute little insulin puddle with the splash screen makes me smile.
* I like charging the pump instead of batteries. I’ve just been plugging it in while I’m in shower in the morning and it’s been good to go. (Now – I’m not a camper so I can see how that might be an issue for people who do the great outdoors thing.)
* For whatever reason, my numbers have been great, maybe even needing some adjustment for jumping too low every now and then. I don’t why – some have said the slower infusion speed. Whatever, I’m happy with it. (see cons…)
* It beeps if I forget to follow through on a command. (see cons…)

Some cons: (and these are not enough for me to try anything else, they’re just slightly annoying)
* The clip. The pump fell off more in one week than my previous pump ever slipped off. So I fixed it. Sort of… Duct tape to the rescue!
* The inset change takes a whole lot of time and I’m hoping it will be easier as I go along. (ya shoulda seen us doing changes 9 years ago when I first started pumping – so I have faith & hope for improvement!)
* The cartridge change has a whole lot of parts.
* It sends the insulin VERY slowly through the tubing. Like really, really s l o w l y . . .
* But – it beeps when it’s done. Huh? What’s that beep?
* It beeps and very often, I can’t figure out why it’s beeping. Kinda like having a new baby. 🙂

Other notes…
* Will Dubois wrote about this over at Diabetes Mine back in December, 2015.
Ask D’Mine: How Speedy Is Your Insulin Pump?
* And from my friend Laddie over at Test, Guess and Go, I remembered this quote, “Tandem pumps use a patented “Micro-Delivery” process and can take a couple of minutes to infuse a bolus.” So I wasn’t too surprised – sort of.
* My clip trick? A couple of tiny strips of duct tape wrapped around the end. Hasn’t fall off since!


All done! Beep!

1 thought on “Still pumping with the t:slim

  1. Glad ur still liking ur new T Slim X2. Just llike w anything, u’ll get better and decrease the time set changes take. Oh, and I also think the beep at the end of insulin infusion is annoying. I’m just figuring out the beeps. 1 beep- insulin is done or any other notification like it’s time to change ur set (if u have that turned on) or it is telling u ur getting low on insulin, 2 beeps ur cgm is warning u ur high, 3 beeps means ur low. That’s as far as I’ve gotten interpreting the beeps. Continued good luck w it!! HUGS!!!

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