Damn! Resume!

I’m totally loving my T:slim. Love the screen. Love the info. Not a big fan of the refill process but – I’m getting better. Except for RESUME. When doing a cartridge change on the T:slim, you have to stop the insulin delivery. Makes sense, right? But – when you’re done, you have to go hit RESUME or – it doesn’t RESUME.IMG_2263 (640x425)I hit it the first time I changed it all out and felt like I was soooooooooo smart. Since then, I’ve probably forgotten it 50% of the times. So one month times half. What a pain. But – I have faith that I’ll get there and it’s nice that the T:slim screams at you to remind you after some time.

I’m still using my phone as a receiver/sharer as I’ve got leftover supplies and so – haven’t had to process any Dexcom stuff through Medicare. But – that said, I like having the Dexcom number on the pump. I don’t have to punch in a password, I just have to hit the on button on the pump – not so bad. And not so hard at 3am.

Meanwhile, this happened this week. Mowing the yard (it’s not a lawn, it’s a yard) and Dexcom needed its calibration so I came in to calibrate and – the blood went everywhere. It’s not the first time. I’m guessing it won’t be the last time. Just glad I was standing in the kitchen! And yes, that’s one of the well loved and well worn Diabetes UnConference shirts. (http://diabetesunconference.com/)
Christel on FB, “ If you’re going to spray blood on a shirt, that’s the one to do it on.

Spring has finally sprung up here in NH and it’s just loverly!



2 thoughts on “Damn! Resume!

  1. Great post ! Thanks for sharing. I think soon I’ll have to make a trip to visit you & Rocky … and hopefully we won’t spray out blood everywhere when we do a calibration (I’m hoping to get a sensor next week from a guy here in my town that … sigh … due to his diabetes and stress of it .. is on the government system that pays for ALL his CGM, insulin, you name it supplies … plus rent … yadda yadda yadda. This is the only thing I dislike Canada about … is those people who get these “gifts” from our government, who work under the table … so they get these “benefits”. While we working stiffs … nope. At least hospital care , doctors, are covered under our taxes we pay out. And this is your brief bit about the medical system in Canada. Off my soap box I go … meow

  2. I forget all the time to resume so ur not alone, although I haven’t gotten blood on my unconference shirt but I do get my red blood cells on a much loved “ life is good” shirt so I feel ur pain!!!

    But I’ve decided to leave the mowing to hubby to prevent the whole situation!! Haha!

    One thing I do all the Tim is I forget to reattach the tubing to the site sftetvgrtting dressed after my shower. I’ll discover it an hour or more later when I notice I’m high!! I’ve even boluse and it goes into my pants cuz I’m not hooked up!!!

    I’m not sure how to remedy the situation& remind myself to plug back in!! I’ve done itcway to many times to count!! Can I say “airhead”!! Other than my idiotic moves, I love my t slim!!

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