About the anesthesiologist…

It’s difficult to be an advocate for yourself when it’s way early in the morning, you’re in the hospital for a colonoscopy (and because you have diabetes you get the first slot and so you show up before 7am – hungry and NO coffee…) and abdominal hernia repair, and your BG is 82 and dropping. And then you’re approached by the anesthesiologist who – is such a pompous asshole and you want to scream but – you’re too tired and at this point, kinda shitless (sorry – had to add that).

I can’t do the whole conversation justice but I’ll try.

huhHe told me that Type 1 is called Juvenile Diabetes because that’s when you get it. And then he gently chided me and said, “That’s why JDRF is the Juvenile Diabetes group. The J stands for juvenile.” Yes, he stood there and said that to me –

He then said he really didn’t care to use the Dexcom numbers – he only trusted the meter. So we tested and – yes, there is a God – meter said 84 and Dexcom was still holding at 82! He treated it with the IV (where I told him that if I came out over 200 I would not be a happy camper…) and I give him credit, I came out of surgery with ok bgs.

huhAnd then – the asshole decided to lecture me on the dangers of low blood sugars, including the comment that they can cause serious brain damage. No shit, Sherlock.

Moffett sat quietly in the chair next to the bed rolling his eyes – – –

So – saw the surgeon for my follow-up appointment yesterday and told him we needed to talk about the asshole. He laughed and said, “Oh, I knew you weren’t happy with him.”

I asked him to deliver a one page – polite (I did not call him an asshole) note including references to: JDRF name info as of 2012, info about LADA, and a personal note telling him that judging my diabetes care on ONE NUMBER was extremely offensive. “Judging my personal diabetes care and diabetes knowledge on that one number was and is insulting.”

I truly wish that I’d had all my wits about me at the crack of dawn after spending a day preparing for the colonoscopy but – didn’t happen.

And to add more – he didn’t even discuss anesthesia with me – which my surgeon was quite surprised to hear.

I’m fine – no colon issues – hernia repair is healing – life’s good.

I sure hope I don’t run into the asshole anywhere in our small town anytime soon.

Happy Summer everyone! If I didn’t know most of you – I wouldn’t have had the nerve to write the letter! Thanks!!


3 thoughts on “About the anesthesiologist…

  1. OMG!!!!! Ur right on the money…he is an ASSHOLE!!!! Can’t imagine how angry u and Moffett were especially since said asshole was in charge of keeping u alive!!

    I’m sorry u had that experience especially pre procedure!!!!’ But I’m glad in ur early morning condition sans coffee, u were able to advocate for urself & good for u for sending a note to him thru ur surgeon!!

    I’m so glad ur healing up nicely!!! Keep up the good work!!! HUGS!!!

  2. Colleen, Yea for you!!! Thank you for doing all you could, even at the crack of dawn without any coffee, for advocating for yourself…and ALL of us and for that very important note you wrote to him! I’m glad no problems were found and you’re healing well
    Take care.

  3. We have had similar experiences with two of the three anesthesiologists at our children’s hospital. They say a lot of incorrect information about T1d, for no reason but to show off how much they know. I’m gearing up to overgeneralize about this career choice.

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