Lucky me!

Had an endo appointment today.

I was sure the A1c was going to be the worst ever.

I was sure she’d look at me like I had two heads when she examined my Dexcom and Ping Pump graphs.

As I sat with her- looking at the graphs – the assistant came in with the magic piece of paper, handed it to my doctor who then laughed as she handed it to me.

I felt it was going to be my HIGHEST ever. It wasn’t. I don’t do numbers here but I’m fine. The number was better than usual. I guess I’m not killing myself with Diabetes.

We went over some strategies. We changed two basals. We changed an I-C ratio.

And – I got my flu shot. As an “over 65” person, I get the high test shot.

The Dexcom Clarity thing now goes to them automatically once I sign up. She asked me to use it regularly and just email her if I need some help.

I got in the car – heading north on the interstate and feeling so very lucky to have a physician who gives a rat’s ass about me. Called Moffett who made appropriate “Yippee” responses. The radio was on – The Four Tops-I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) (released in 1965) – and I giggled.

I’m not a perfect Diabetic – but with the help of d-friends, I can do this.

PS – Thanks Kim Hislop for meeting me for lunch. We’ll have to do that more regularly.2016-10-18

PPS – Charli – Yes, you may ask, “Who are the Four Tops?”

November? It’s done? I ate pancakes…

2014-10-31 03Diabetes Awareness Month kinda got by me this month.

I did not do the blog every day thing. The boringness of it would have driven any reader (and me!) nuts.

I wore my new blue circle necklace to work every day and if I was out and about. I had a whole “spiel” ready for when everyone would ask, “Oh, what a beautiful blue circle necklace! Tell me about it.” It didn’t happen.

I think next year I’m going to make a sign – “Ask me about my blue circle necklace!”

I did sign petitions and write senators/representatives. I did the Big Blue Test (not as often as I should have…). I did read others’ blogs.

And this morning? Just because? I ate pancakes (two of them) for the first time in a very, very long time. With syrup. I took a whole, whole lot of insulin. I had to do a couple of small corrections throughout the afternoon but… We were driving home from Cape Cod (where it had the audacity to snow while I was there…) and stopped for a late breakfast at an IHOP in Plymouth, Mass. I can’t tell you the last time I was at an IHOP. But, as I write this the BG is 70 something so I guess I’ll live.

My brother? The one whose doctor said “pre-diabetes?” Doing great – normal A1c.

My cousin? The one whose doctor said “Type 2 Diabetes?” Off meds and doing a great job with diet – exercise.

The naggy sister/cousin (that would be me…)? Quite pleased for both of them and very grateful for the Type 2 d-friends who take the time to write about their struggles and successes.

And – my younger sister announced she’s retiring early. Wanted to know why we weren’t doing the same. And I sat there with a straight face and said, “We can’t afford to because of my diabetes.”

So – help us get CGMs approved by Medicare so I’m not the oldest church secretary in history. (Although to be honest, church secretaries seem to hang on forever.) I don’t want to be in that office forever…

Hope your Thanksgiving was delicious – and your bg-s manageable! (If you live here and celebrated Thanksgiving…)


Not much

The d-life here goes on. And on. And on. Oh wait, is that a copyright problem? Somehow, I doubt that they know who I am…

Endo this past week. A1c up a little, but considering all the yummy corn on the cob I’ve eaten since July, I’m not too worried. It was an absolutely gorgeous day to drive down to Manchester. Sun was shining! Lots of leaf color. Not many tourists on I93. I had the car with Sirius so I could sing out loud with the 60’s, 70’s and even some blues and jazz. I’m sure I looked funny but at my age, I don’t worry about it. The endo and I ended up with all sorts of stuff to look at and I think I blew out her schedule. I did feel a little bad as there was a cute elder woman in a wheel chair in the waiting room who was a little upset that she hadn’t gotten in yet. I told her it was my fault after admiring the purple horn on her wheel chair.

I was looking forward to getting together with a d-mom, Shannon but – her son had his appointment at Joslin that day. So we’ll have to plan on another day to meet.

This is our last “tourist” weekend up here in the mountains of New Hampshire. The busses have been rolling through town. It’s fascinating to watch them make the tight turns on our small streets. Sad this week – the campgrounds up in the mountains, although privately owned, have had to close. I don’t do politics here but… campgrounds closing and everyone who isn’t getting paid really, really pisses me off. That’s all I’m going to say. (I don’t like writing the plural form of bus. It looks funny.)

The last fair of the year is this weekend. We’re not going. It’s the Sandwich Fair and it’s wonderful. But there’s a whole lot of fried dough, and blooming onions and salty French fries, and other carby foods. It’s easier to stay home. Besides, been there – done that.

I worked on my postcard for Lee Ann’s World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange this afternoon. (It was more creative than cleaning a bathroom…) It was drizzly and chilly and yucky and so, I pretended to be artsy. It’s done! Are you signed up? It’s fun. You meet new d-friends. You don’t have to spend lots of money. And who doesn’t like getting something in the mail that makes you smile? Check it out!

Just because – some photos!

2013-10-02 016My “commute”

2013-10-02 017 2013-10-04 003October Sunrise

2013-10-06 001 (2)The acorns can be quite annoying and you can’t sit on the deck without a helmet.

2013-10-07 003The view…

2013-10-09 014A bus

2013-10-09 017

My Smart Endo

Last week’s endo appointment was quite nice. I’m beginning to feel like she’s a friend, you know the kind – the one that stands in the yard chatting with you and you just know they’re listening, really listening to you.

The facts – A1c was .3 up and I’m good with that, and so is she. All my labs show that I’m normal and she just kept smiling. Expressed awe at cholesterol numbers and was happy to see that thyroid and other tests all check out ok.

My issue was my bouncy numbers. I spike high after breakfast (8-10 carbs, normally) and don’t really come back down (all the way) before lunch. Then I spike high after lunch but by 4 to 5 o’clock, Dexcom is screaming at me because I’m low.

So we both stared at my Diasend printout of my Ping pump’s bgs/doses/carbs. (Oh – she threw out all my numbers from 10 days in California!) And she’s circling numbers and pointing out trends (which of course I’m blind to) and then says, let’s try this. So – we changed my IC ratio for breakfast and lunch – upped the carb ratio by one – which is actually downed the carbs by one???. And added/upped my basal rate for the afternoons by .5. And lowered the ISF for lunch and the afternoon.

It’s working, so far. Well, until this morning when I had a very small portion of bread pudding at work. That small bit turned out to be more than 30 carbs… I guessed… I was wrong… It tasted great!

This afternoon after a call from my husband, I announced to another staff member that I have a wonderful husband. She asked if we were going out to dinner. And I said, “Nope, he just called to say he’d stop at the drug store and pick up my insulin for me!”

I also work with wonderful people. As we were closing up the office, Dexcom beeped to say I was low. I tested. I was a little under 80 and decided to drink a juice box before I drove home. Two friends/co-workers sat there with me while I slurped my grape juice and waited until I tested ok to drive.

2013-04-19 001And finally – lunch with Shannon after my endo appointment. We chatted our way through a yummy lunch and barely talked about diabetes (her son has Type 1). Now that the snow has stopped (we hope…), we plan to get together again during the summer. Anyone up in this area is always invited to join us!

Blood in the morning…

Up early this morning for a 7am appointment for the lab. I truly, really, honestly despise doing fasting lab work. I don’t mind the arm stick. I don’t mind watching my blood rush into the tube(s).

But the fasting – is a pain – as I truly, honestly need coffee in the morning.

I’m a morning person – up at the crack of dawn. I don’t use an alarm clock! I’m just up, awake and ready to get started on my day – after my coffee.

Last night Dexcom did it’s beep, beep you’re low thing. I refused to mess up the fasting thing. I stupidly (yup, me) didn’t test (the meter was right there on the nightstand). What’d I do? I suspended the pump at 3am.

Woke up at 5 (see, I told you… although that’s a little early even for me…), Dexcom said 50 something. Tested and meter said 120. (I know, I know. I should have tested at 3am.) Ok, not so bad, unsuspended, but within an hour was at 200+. Guess that 3-5am basal insulin was important…

I was at the lab at 7am. Did the blood – even got to do a pee test, too. (Whoopee, right!?)

Got home and now am enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee.

With the A1c done – had a lovely, carby breakfast!

I don’t work on Fridays. The construction people are here, hammering/drilling away.

Happy Weekend!

Today’s Appointment

Saw my PCP today. She really is the best and I am so very lucky to have her. I deeply appreciate the fact that she works with me not just for me. It’s pretty nice. I did a massive amount of blood work last week and — I’m normal! Well, except for the d and the thyroid and the rest of the stuff… But all tests were good. A1C dropped .2 and I’m fine with it. She’s fine with it. We did Vitamin D & B tests as I’ve had problems in the past but those are good.

While waiting for her in the examining room, Dexcom did its buzzing thing to tell me I was lower than normal. I tested and it was correct. So when she walked in I was munching on Skittles.

BP with the assistant was NOT normal. BP with my PCP with the correct cuff was more than normal.

Weight – I lost about 40 pounds when I was diagnosed and being treated as a T2. I’ve gained half of that back. It’s stayed about the same for the last year. And that’s okay, too. Although, I have to be honest – buying a pair of pants – size 6 – was sorta nice. And nope, can’t wear them now. Oh well…

And now, I’m going to have a very small piece of french silk pie and bolus the heck out of it. I think it will be worth it!

About the Dexcom

I’ve been using a Dexcom CGMS for almost six months.

I like it most of the time.

I still dread inserting it.

I felt especially stupid when I removed one and without thinking, dropped it into the trash can. Yeah, with the sensor still attached. (Saved it…)

The past three days my bgs have been higher than I’m used to and thankfully, it has alerted me. Lots of correcting going on.

Of course, I know the real reason the bg is higher. Lab work, tomorrow. At 7am! Our local lab, just 5 minutes away, now lets us make appointments! It’s soooooo nice. Much nicer than sitting in a crowded room waiting for your turn with a body that really wants some coffee.

Meanwhile, with the help of the DOC, I learned how to insert the Dexcom. And even better, I learned how to keep it stuck to my body. And then, thanks to Lorraine, I learned how to get it unstuck.

The tape I use is Opsite Flexifix. It’s amazing stuff. At first I was just cutting strips of it to go around the transmitter. And then someone, I can’t remember who…, wrote about using a template and an exacto knife. So I tried that a couple of weeks ago and it’s pretty nifty. Even nicer, I cut several and now have a couple ready for use when needed.

Goofiest part of using the tape? I didn’t realize at first that the green stripey stuff peels off. Duh…

Photo Credit: Six Until Me

It was wonderful…

Great appointment at the endo’s office this morning.

Beautiful day to drive down and up the highway.

Got to the mall and did some shopping.

I love seeing the ARNP/CDE at this office. She makes me feel good!

Oh – my A1c did not go up – it’s the same as the June appointment. Not so bad, then.

Can you tell that seeing a d-specialist who listens and works with you just makes you feel wonderful?

Well, darn…

This month I see Endo #3 (for visit #2) and my PCP. (Why the caps? I don’t know. I capitalized Endo and then didn’t capitalize PCP. Then I wondered why. I like them both and have been seeing the PCP since 1999. So, went back and did the caps, which is somewhat of a pain but I want to show that my PCP is just as important, if not more, to me as my Endo. Does it matter? No. Do you care? Not if you’re smart but, I’m blithering…)

So – visited the lab last Friday morning.

And got the results today.

The A1c is not sucky but it went up .2. I’m bummed. I know, I know. It’s just a number but while opening the envelope I was doing the silent prayer thing, “Please, please, please – just a drop of a tenth would make me happy.” It’s below 8 and above 6 so it’s not awful, awful, awful – just a little disappointing.

I started using a DexCom on July 2. (The photo is the last 24 hours…) We’re not exactly best friends yet. I’m doing better at waking up if DD (uh, darn dexcom) does its shake, rattle and whatever in the middle of the night but… I don’t trust it. When it’s good, it’s very, very good. But when it’s bad, it’s really rotten. Am I the ONLY one whose A1c went up after starting a CGMS? Please tell me no.

So – it’s fall, you know – new beginnings and all that, and I’ll see what I can do to keep the stupid bg’s in line for the next 3 months.

It should also help once we stop eating the yummy, simply delicious corn on the cob from the farm down the road! And yeah, get back on the gasp! treadmill.