Three in One Day

Remember the story of the tailor who made himself a belt saying “Nine in One Blow” just because he swatted nine flies?

Well – the other day I thought of him/the story as I inserted my third inset in five minutes.

I do smile when I think about my first year, few months of inserting the insets.

Now – not a big deal,  usually. Back at the beginning? I was petrified!

First one popped in and I knew it was an owie – a real owie, owie.

So I took it out. Slapped on a band aid. Popped in another one.

Oh good – no owies – Wrong! As I walked to the kitchen it hurt, hurt, hurt.

Just touching it hurt.

So I took it out. And the hole proceeded to bleed and bleed and bleed.

The third one was “the” charm

I still have a really ugly bruise from the first one.

And – this blogging thing has taken me places I never thought I’d go.

So here’s a photo of two band aids and an inset.

2014-07-04 019 (800x600) (640x480) (300x225)

And finally… I love reading everyone’s posts, seeing lots of the photos from FFL. It all looked like wonderful fun with wonderful friends. I love knowing all of you. I hate that we had to meet. But, aren’t we lucky?


Time for a new pump

Some back story first.

My Ping is being a pain at times – nah, not the insert part. It’s the communication part. It’s not its fault. (wow – weird using it’s and its in one sentence). Ok, back to the story.

My Ping’s four years was up the first week of December. I had called well before that trying to get it set up to go ahead and order a new one before my warranty was done. BUT…

My insurance, which I won’t name but it rhymes with “bigna,” apparently doesn’t worry that a pump might be old and so, if using that insurance, you can’t get a new pump until your pump dies. (Reminds me of traffic stuff where everyone knows a signal light is needed but there haven’t been enough accidents to warrant installing a traffic light). Ok, back to the story, again.

This has happened…
Huge meal – I’ve been looking forward to bolusing an unreal amount of insulin to cover a disgusting amount of carbs. Do the combo thing – set it up – push the buttons and… The meter says, “Bolus canceled. Check pump.”

Small meal. Very little insulin. Sitting with friends at work. Beeping and cancelling and, damn this is annoying.

And this has happened…
“Unable to find pump.” “Move pump closer.” Excuse me? The pump is hanging on my jeans and the meter is in my hand. How much closer do you want?

I know these things happen but this was more than once a week. In fact one day I had several of “I can’t find the pump, stupid.”

So I called Animas last Friday. Went through the trouble-shooting stuff. Even had to remove that piece of peelable plastic on the screen. (I have no clue why that would matter…)

Anyway – “Oh, we’ll need to start the process to replace your pump.” “We are going to send you a replacement pump as yours doesn’t seem to be working properly.” “Someone will call you tomorrow to start the paperwork for the replacement pump.”


No one called.

So I called – and got the paperwork started.

And today, a box from Animas was in my mailbox. It’s empty. Did they forget to put the loaner pump in the box?

So I called.

I have truly appreciated my Animas Pump for the last 4+ years. I’ve appreciated the tech support. I like my pump.

But, I’m frustrated. The paper work? Signed, scanned, emailed – no one had seen it.

The salesperson is a new father of his first child. I get that but. Someone should have contacted me.

The empty box? That’s so I can send them my current pump. So I asked, “What? You want me to die?”

The other salesperson says, “We’ll get that loaner to you tomorrow.” I don’t think so. We have more snow and ice arriving tonight and even though this is not Atlanta, it can be tough. (As an aside – we got 11.5 inches of snow on Tuesday afternoon and night. No schools were closed or delayed.)

I’m somewhat frustrated and threatened to go to a t-slim. The salesperson was calm but…

“Your pump’s not working correctly.” But I still don’t have a loaner??? After a week???

We had to buy more orange juice

I used to drink orange juice like other people drink coffee.

Many (many) years ago, I would get up in the morning, grab the frozen concentrate juice from the freezer, add the 3 cans of water, and mix it up in the blender for my morning wake up. It was all frothy and cold and yummy.

Then I learned to like coffee…

Orange juice became my afternoon treat, summer – winter, whenever. I’d even succumbed to buying it in the cartons but I’d always give it a good shake (hoping the top was closed tightly) so I’d still get some of the frothy. You only need to have a loose cap once – to learn to check it carefully for the rest of your life. Orange juice in your hair and on the kitchen floor is a sticky experience.

Then I was dx’d with Type 1 Lada…

T50_OJNoPulp_59The Tropicana 50% juice is pretty good, when I can find it. (Living in the boonies means small grocery stores with limited products.)
(Photo from: And at 13 carbs for 8 ozs., it’s a pretty good deal!

But it doesn’t froth…

I’m getting to the point of this post, really!

Last week, I had 3 straight nights of low BGs. Pretty low for me. (30’s, 40’s…) Dexcom woke me the first night (and the 2nd and 3rd). I looked at it and said, “Nah, can’t be right.” Sat up, turned on the light. Tested. Then said, “Oh…” Started to stand up and realized I couldn’t – at least not very steadily. So, he who sleeps next to me (and was wide awake now) went to the kitchen and poured a big glass of orange juice. It wasn’t frothy. Waited a bit, tested again, drank a box of grape Juicy Juice. Waited again, and drank another box of grape juice. All the while saying to myself the mantra I’ve learned from years of reading the d-blogs.

Don’t over treat!!!

I didn’t. Yup, three juices did not result in a gargantuan high. Very strange…

And the same thing happened the next two nights.

The only “excuse” I’ve come up with is – I had my pump inset in a brand new spot. Like – a never been touched by an inset spot. Over on my stomach side… AKA – love handle.

Switched it on day three and no more night lows. Hmmm…

So – Orange Juice (the real stuff, not the 50% stuff) went on the grocery list so it can sit in the fridge waiting for me. I’m happy to wait.



My Smart Endo

Last week’s endo appointment was quite nice. I’m beginning to feel like she’s a friend, you know the kind – the one that stands in the yard chatting with you and you just know they’re listening, really listening to you.

The facts – A1c was .3 up and I’m good with that, and so is she. All my labs show that I’m normal and she just kept smiling. Expressed awe at cholesterol numbers and was happy to see that thyroid and other tests all check out ok.

My issue was my bouncy numbers. I spike high after breakfast (8-10 carbs, normally) and don’t really come back down (all the way) before lunch. Then I spike high after lunch but by 4 to 5 o’clock, Dexcom is screaming at me because I’m low.

So we both stared at my Diasend printout of my Ping pump’s bgs/doses/carbs. (Oh – she threw out all my numbers from 10 days in California!) And she’s circling numbers and pointing out trends (which of course I’m blind to) and then says, let’s try this. So – we changed my IC ratio for breakfast and lunch – upped the carb ratio by one – which is actually downed the carbs by one???. And added/upped my basal rate for the afternoons by .5. And lowered the ISF for lunch and the afternoon.

It’s working, so far. Well, until this morning when I had a very small portion of bread pudding at work. That small bit turned out to be more than 30 carbs… I guessed… I was wrong… It tasted great!

This afternoon after a call from my husband, I announced to another staff member that I have a wonderful husband. She asked if we were going out to dinner. And I said, “Nope, he just called to say he’d stop at the drug store and pick up my insulin for me!”

I also work with wonderful people. As we were closing up the office, Dexcom beeped to say I was low. I tested. I was a little under 80 and decided to drink a juice box before I drove home. Two friends/co-workers sat there with me while I slurped my grape juice and waited until I tested ok to drive.

2013-04-19 001And finally – lunch with Shannon after my endo appointment. We chatted our way through a yummy lunch and barely talked about diabetes (her son has Type 1). Now that the snow has stopped (we hope…), we plan to get together again during the summer. Anyone up in this area is always invited to join us!

Mind Games

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to do Sudoku or Crossword Puzzles or Circle the Word games to keep my older mind active and learning.

I have Diabetes and it plays enough mind games with me.

I have a pump and it keeps me alert and awake some nights with its beeps and songs.

I have a CGM and it is the first thing I look at it the morning. Good number usually means a good day. A rotten number usually means I start my day with “What??” or one those George Carlin words. (Back in the old days, those words were not usually uttered in public…)

The Ping song last night was my own fault. I’m cheap and even though I knew the reservoir was going to dip below 10 units, I knew it would make it through the night. It did but it was noisy.

Dex at 2am, when Ping was singing “You’re going to run out of insulin,” said 140’s, so not bad.

Dex at 6am said over 200. (Insert one or more George Carlin words here.)

Got up, corrected, drank coffee, read blogs.

Dex kept climbing.

I refused to change out the Ping inset until I took a shower, so did another correction.

Dex kept climbing so I gave up and took the shower. Where I removed the inset. And promptly notice a crusty, bloody bump. (I didn’t take a photo – aren’t you happy?)


Did a new site. Over-corrected because Ping thinks I have enough insulin. And by mid-morning, all was good.

I won! Kind Bars from Joanne – over at Death of a Pancreas.
In addition to some yummy stuff, Elise drew a picture!
2013-03-20 011

Eight Years Later

So, on Saturday it will be 8 years since my PCP gently spoke to me and said, “You have diabetes.”
A couple of weeks later the endo looked at me and immediately said, “I’m pretty sure you have LADA.”

Eight years later, I…

have found d-friends from all over the world who give me strength whenever I need it
It is amazing how someone(s) I have never met can hold my hand over the internet and make me think that I Can Do This. It’s even more amazing when I get the opportunity to meet these wonderful people in person. (California in a month…!!!)

am using a Ping Pump and haven’t screwed up too badly
I still smile when I think about how my hands shook those first few weeks of shooting in the inset. We’d sit at the table together, staring at the directions and hoping I didn’t kill myself. Now – pop it in and good to go – well, unless it bleeds, or I forget to take the tape off and it doesn’t stick, or it hurts like he** and I know I have to do it again.

have a diabetes blog
Who’d have thunk? I’m not famous or widely read but the blog friends I have here are very important to me.

am using a Dexcom g4
When I first saw the Dexcom apparatus I said “Nope. No way I’m going to shoot that humongous needle into my stomach. No number is that important.” The first time – I still laugh as I couldn’t get it disconnected and thought I’d have to go to the ER. Yeah, right, like they’d know what to do. Did it – Love it – Live in fear of Medicare and having it taken away unless I win the lottery.

have a new Tallygear cover for the g4 (replacement) with hopes that the usb cover will stay on
I’m even wearing it around my neck when I don’t have a good pocket.

love talking to anyone who asks me about diabetes – any type
A friend from church watched me as I was calculating carbs at a party, testing and then dosing with the pump. She asked if I would “educate her.” She doesn’t have diabetes. She just wanted to know more.

felt great the day an older parishioner came in and asked me to help her with her new meter
She’d just been diagnosed with T2 and wasn’t doing so hot with the strip, the blood, etc… We got it done and she’s doing great. Umm, she’s 90 now.

can’t believe I weigh food
I don’t weigh everything but I tend to underestimate a baked potato (along with some other foods). I don’t eat them often but, I love baked potatoes so therefore, I weigh, and gasp when I figure out that what I think is a small potato needs a sh** load of insulin.

can eat ice cream!
It’s in a small bowl. I take small bites. It’s worth the insulin.

still haven’t been to a cupcake store
There aren’t any in our small town but – next month in California, definitely!

own a treadmill
When I use that treadmill, my numbers are absolutely wonderful that day. So why don’t I use it every day?

still have a box full of cute, SMALL purses
I need to give them away.

hate air travel
A TSA agent in Kansas City convinced me that the machine would not damage my pump. One week later – it lost its date/time and continued to lose the date/time. Replacement pump, and I don’t go through any machines anymore.

very much appreciate the blogging moms and dads of d-kids
When I was diagnosed, they were trying to figure out how to help their kids. Their blogs helped me.

am in awe of all children with diabetes
Before I started pumping, I watched the videos of the kids with pumps. Their ability to deal with diabetes helps me. Favorite quotes, “That didn’t hurt!” & “I did it!”

love my husband
He went to the d-classes with me (8 years ago) and even went without me when my dad was sick. He counts carbs as handily as a d-person. He wakes up when Dexcom beeps and shakes, and gets out of bed to come around and look at the number. He brings juice to the bedroom when needed. He has the meter in his hand when needed. He gives up a “dinner out” when numbers are rotten. He was great before diabetes showed up at our house and is proof that love is important and nice. I’m lucky.

know this is too long
But I thank you for being my friends and no, I won’t attach that song at the end here but, you’re probably stuck with that ear bug until you read/watch/listen to something else.

Love You All!

I need to…

With my PCP appointment last week, I finally got around to uploading my Ping and Dexcom to Diasend. Took some info with me to the appointment and let my Endo know that I’d done it.

2013-01-09 002

The PCP appointment was great. All lab results are fine. A1c was up a tiny, tiny bit but her’s always reads a tiny, tiny bit above the Endo’s test. I’m not worrying about it. Did the foot check, had lost 2 pounds and BP was fine.

Later that day I received the nicest note from my Endo. (Oh, I have to send my messages to her through the Dartmouth-Hitchcock site – and noticed I could attach a jpg, so I sent her a photo. I’ve only had two appointments with her so… thought it might help.)

You always make me smile.
I really enjoy hearing from you.
I was able to view your ping upload – but not your Dexcom – I wonder why ???
However just based on the fact that you check quite often and very well – I think you have maintained a pretty steady blood sugar range (when you behave!!!!)
There are occasions when you do go high – but I am sure you figured this out yourself – there is no consistent pattern.
I would not recommend any changes.
I am glad you like the Dexcom. I think it is the best out there.
Lastly – you look beautiful in the picture.
Happy new year.
Please let me know if you need any refills – will be more than happy to help you.
Take good care….

Yup – she’s a keeper!

Back to the title. I need to upload the Ping stuff more often and look at it. It’s really simple to do, well – sort of… I have to unplug a printer usb from the front of the computer and then shove in the Ping usb. The computer is under a table next to the desk so it involves getting on the floor and if it’s night, I have to shine a light on the computer to see the stupid usb thing. But – as a friend says, “You Can Do This

I also need to get back on the treadmill. I may have to dust it off, first…

And finally – a photo of the fam.

2012-12-28 004




Happy 2013!

No profound statements or intellectual quotes, I only wish all of us the happiest and healthiest of new years.

My treadmill has been buried in the chaos of our home renovation. It’s now unburied, still surrounded by boxes but – usable. I have no excuse now. There’s even a light above it so I can read or whatever while doing a morning walk. I don’t run – on a treadmill or anywhere else!

A friend gave us a yummy, delicious, huge rum cake. I’ve had three small pieces in the past week and finally have the insulin dose worked out. Tonight I sliced up the rest of the cake and wrapped each piece. They’re all in the freezer.

Last night we ate late and did not stay up for midnight. I decided to shut off my high alert on Dexcom so I could sleep. Woke up at 4am with a number near 300. Stood in the bathroom trying to think why that would have happened. Then I noticed that my inset was hanging off my Ping – and not attached to my leg. That made for a very annoying first day of this year.

I totally enjoyed all the posts with Christmas and holiday photos of families and kids and yes, even the PWD’s cats and other furry animals!

So – back to work tomorrow. Back on the treadmill, maybe… Back to some sort of schedule in our lives.

Happy New Year to my friends!


My basal rates and carb ratios have stayed just about the same since I started pumping just about 3 years ago. And it’s worked.


Recently, I’ve been dropping like a brick about the time I get home from work. And my very low carb breakfast has been sending the numbers to over 200 for about the same time.


So this morning I added 2 units of insulin to my normal dosage and it worked. By lunchtime the bg was at 104 with no beeps from Dexcom throughout the morning. (I always want someone to ask me to do a meter commercial whenever my bg is 104!)

Same old lunch but I didn’t change anything. Shortly after arriving home Dexcom beeped and I tested and it was in the 70’s. So I’ve chomped on some glucose tablets and am waiting for the bg to rise. I’ve also done a temp basal and lowered it for an hour.

I think I’ll just change the breakfast carb ratio for a couple of days and see how it goes. Thanks to d-bloggers, I know better than to change more than one process at a time.

And if that works and makes for a quieter morning at work, then I’ll play with the lunch carb ratio.

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll find the cord for the Ping so I can print out my basal rates and take a look at those also. Although, changing something there does scare me. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. Hopefully I’ll get better at this.

And – I really hate math.

And – If someone has a better idea, I am more than happy to read it.

Glad some of our DOCer’s have power back. Sorry it’s going to snow.

And yes, the generator is fixed.

Is there a D-Mom out there who wants to adopt me? You ladies amaze me with your math skills!

Lunch with a future medalist!

Last week I had lunch with a woman from our church. No big deal, right?

Nah, it was a big deal because she’s getting ready to fill out her paperwork for a Joslin 50 Year Medal. She’s healthy. She’s cute. She’s heading off to Florida (we call people like her snowbirds) and looking forward to playing golf in the sunshine.

She’d never seen a pump. She’s never heard of Dexcom or other CGMS. We sat at lunch forever! She was fascinated with my Ping and Dexcom. I am in awe of her d-management through the last 50 years.

Her husband died this year and she’s alone now (other than kids and grandkids). Because of that, she’s very interested in Dexcom. We each ate exactly the same thing (and SWAG’ed the same carb count!) and she was shocked to watch the graph on the Dexcom climb upward as we chatted after eating.

The way we deal with diabetes is so different and yet, we’re both doing okay and her way is certainly working for her.

I’m looking forward to her spring return and spending more time together! I think I can learn a few things from Mary, my new d-friend!