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Being Pregnant

Hoping my husband doesn’t look over my shoulder and have heart failure… NO, I’m not, but… Reading the d-blogs, and I read a lot of them, teaches me something new each day. I read lots of them. I read the … Continue reading

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Hmmm, almost a month since my last post – didn’t even finish d-blog week. Oh well. To be honest, I think I got tired of diabetes. Sure, right – aren’t we all tired of diabetes? Yes, of course. But I … Continue reading

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Up, down, all around

Some short thoughts… How come I can’t get a Dexcom sensor to last longer than 10 days? It’s not a tape issue. They just go to the ??? and stay there. I need to get this morning BG number thing … Continue reading

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The BG Trading Post

As I drove to work this morning, after waking up HIGH at a stupid, dumb, ridiculous HIGH number – I thought one of you smart d-people should/could come up with a way for us to share/trade/borrow/get rid of or add to our … Continue reading

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