Being Pregnant

Hoping my husband doesn’t look over my shoulder and have heart failure…

NO, I’m not, but…

Reading the d-blogs, and I read a lot of them, teaches me something new each day. I read lots of them. I read the Type 1s, I read the Type 2s, I read the d-Mom & d-Dad blogs (wasn’t Scott cute (hot!) yesterday on Katie Couric’s show?). I also love reading our pregnant Type 1 blogs.

As I read Kim’s (Texting My Pancreas) yesterday, I thought, well gee, we should all take care of ourselves, the same way the soon to be moms do, each day (and night). Keeping a closer eye on our numbers, our diets, our exercise. Staying up to date with our endo appts., the lab work. Keeping our prescriptions ordered so we’re not doing a last minute pick up of strips or insulin. (oops, I have a couple to drop off tomorrow at the drug store…)

One thing I should do more consistently is test when I’m at work. Mornings are still my worst up and down bg time. Maybe if I tested and then looked at a couple of days’ worth of tests, I’d have a better idea of how to solve the ups and downs. But, I get busy and forget. I’ll bet if I was pregnant, I wouldn’t forget. (Actually, just writing that just about gives me heart failure – oh well.)

So, I’m going to try to work at testing more often and taking a little bit more time for myself and my diabetes.

Because, it’s good to take care of ourselves. Even when/if we’re not pregnant.

PS – I met another LADA yesterday. She lives here! She’s younger than me (of course) but I’m looking forward to seeing her again.


Hmmm, almost a month since my last post – didn’t even finish d-blog week.

Oh well.

To be honest, I think I got tired of diabetes. Sure, right – aren’t we all tired of diabetes? Yes, of course.

But I reached a saturation point of reading and writing diabetes. And it’s not like I blog every day by any means. I do read the d-blogs every day though.

I’ve been trying something new – for me. Attempting to pre-bolus breakfast in order to avoid the quick jump to 200 before 10 am each morning.  It’s working, most of the time. When it doesn’t work, it’s usually my fault. So thanks to Melissa at Sweetly Voiced for her kind and helpful responses to my questions.

Today’s challenge was a take out lunch for an office staff meeting. I usually order a salad but today I got a Reuben. Bolused liberally.

And… there was a cake…

This is for Elise, down there in Texas – “to getting a much smaller piece of cake at a birthday party.”
Then because it was a birthday, there was cake. It was chocolate cake. I love chocolate… Had a small, small slice. I ate it in small, small bites. It was yummy. And the very best part??? I got the bolus right and didn’t go high, high, high. I had a great afternoon at work because I didn’t go high, high, high. I thought of Elise when I requested that my slice of cake be a tiny slice of cake. Even when you’re old enough to understand why your piece of cake might be small, it’s still difficult to watch others enjoy a BIG piece of cake. But as I sit here now before dinner with a BG of 130, I feel much, much better about my small, small piece of cake.

And here’s my refrigerator art from Elise!

2013-06-13 003

Up, down, all around

Some short thoughts…

How come I can’t get a Dexcom sensor to last longer than 10 days? It’s not a tape issue. They just go to the ??? and stay there.

I need to get this morning BG number thing straightened out. It’s exasperating, frustrating and makes me angry. If I stayed in bed maybe it wouldn’t go UP!

My Dexcom rep called this afternoon. Wanted to know how I was doing with the G4. I told her about the USB cover and she said she’d heard there were others. I also asked her about the 6 month life span of the transmitter. She said it’s actually 6-9 months and a warning screen will let me know that the battery is low. At that time, you have about a week left so she said to call immediately to order a new one.

Dexcom said 120 this afternoon about 30 minutes before I left work. I didn’t even look at it when I left. Dexcom then beeped and shouted as I drove into my driveway, that I was at 73. I told it that it was stupid. Tested – and I was stupid – meter said 75. I almost always check it before I leave but I didn’t today. If it’s close to low, then I test with my meter before driving. I will make myself check. I will put a sticky note in my car. Oh, I have a 5 minute commute. But that’s no excuse.

My BG tends to jump up high shortly after eating anything. But when it starts dropping, it drops quickly.

We are off to California next week. It’ll be strange not see snow. Not to worry, I’ll enjoy it. We haven’t put away the snow shovels, yet.

The BG Trading Post

As I drove to work this morning, after waking up HIGH at a stupid, dumb, ridiculous HIGH number – I thought one of you smart d-people should/could come up with a way for us to share/trade/borrow/get rid of or add to our Blood Glucose.

So – for instance – this morning I had a HIGH, stupid, dumb, ridiculous number at 5am… Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just send like 100 BG’s to the person who woke up with a scary low? Or even better – send some of them to the d-kid whose parent who is sooooo tired but just tested their d-kid only to find a low number. Sure, I’ll send some BGs right over through the computer. That would have to be easier than opening the damn straw package for the juice box – and then getting the straw into the hole. Sure!

Or – you’re going low, but you have friends to meet at a fun restaurant/bar/party and would like to raise your BG by about 50 before you drive over to have some fun. You promptly sign in to the BG Trading Post and ask if anyone can share 50 BG’s.

Easy, right?

There wouldn’t be any records to keep because when high, you’d happily share with another d-person who’s gone low.

Kids and adults would be encouraged to be a part of the BG Trading Post!

I can’t do it. Science is not my friend. I took Chemistry in high school and – – – had THE smartest girl in the school as my lab partner. She almost flunked because of me. Even worse, when it came time for the final exam, we had to answer three out of five questions. I did it and the teacher (wherever you are Mr. Sutton I still think of you with extreme gratitude) came and pulled me out of the classroom after he graded my paper. He said, “Colleen, as you transferred here during the year, I really believe that’s been unfair since this class was different from your prior Chemistry Class. If I give you a C for the year, will that be okay with you?” I asked, “Did I get anything on my three?” The answer was no…

YES! I took the C.

So – one of you other – smarter Science type d-people will have to tackle this.

Oh! maybe it could be an APP! I don’t have a smart phone but if someone develops an app to do this – I’d buy one.


BG now – 96! Nothing to share but as you know, tomorrow is another day…