These are a few of my favorite things…

My friend (she’s probably yours too – she’s one of those friendly types) Charli was interviewed at Discuss Diabetes (and she even mentioned me! – along with other DOC people). Read all about it at:
Living with LADA
I met her in Kansas City. Those d-people in KC will meet up for just about anyone – including me showing up. They’re wonderful.

Another favorite…
The girls in the “All About That Cure” video. You need to realize that I had/have no clue about the original song but – love this one. It’s worth the time and the smiles to go watch and listen and yup, turn up your volume!

Favorite blues
The KC Royals play tonight tomorrow night in the World Series! Saw this photo on Facebook and loved it. Showed it to my husband who gets EXTRA, EXTRA credit because, he didn’t read it at first and assumed the fountains were blue for Diabetes. I married a good guy!

Speaking of Blue… The Big Blue Test starts today!
Go – jump, run, rake some leaves, whatever for 14 minutes and then – go report it at:
Big Blue Test!

Have a great week!




The Big Blue Test

It sure looks like The Big Blue Test is going to reach 20,000 before the deadline. Don’t stop though. We have two more days to take the number even higher!

Who knew raising money for others could be so simple and fun?

I do want them to add house cleaning and maybe shopping to the list of exercise types, although I just checked “other” each time.

Today’s exercise was washing some windows. M was outside with a bucket and squeegee. I was inside with a roll of paper towels and Windex. We’d been to a funeral this morning and – yes, there was a luncheon after… After topping out at just over 230, I was at 156 when I started working on the windows and 123 when done. Pretty nifty!

Problem was, I ended up at 70 something. Chomped down two glucose tablets and was ok for a bit but – back down again. So, munched on some crackers and cheese and all seems good, for now.

If you haven’t tried The Big Blue Test, do yourself a favor, get some exercise and enter your results on the page. You don’t even have to have diabetes to do this! And then, sit and watch some of the videos of the organizations that will receive grants, all because you did something good for yourself – and for them!

And while sitting here, I just got my shipping info from Dexcom and the G4 will be here Thursday. I called and whined (nicely) last week. But – and this is really annoying, the sensors may not get here with the G4. And we’re leaving on Saturday for a week. Oh well…

Nice post about the G4 can be read at Arden’s Day. I love the photo of her with her new pink Dexcom!