Tossing Numbers

I get the best, very best! blogging ideas while I’m in the car. And then promptly lose my whole train of thought once I’m out of the car. I don’t have a smart phone so, can’t dictate it and besides, even though I think it’s a brilliant blog thought, it probably isn’t.

I do remember that I had a jumble of numbers floating in my head as I drove home the other day. I’ve been having more lows – nothing drastic (well, except for one) – at the end of the workday for a couple of weeks. It’s quite annoying as I’m ready to pack it in and head home when Dexcom beeps and says I’m just below 80. The first couple of times, I spoke firmly to that Dexcom and said, “No I’m not!” Only to test and find out – “Yes, I am.” I have a small basket in my office with some regular Pepsi (small cans), a couple of juice boxes and some crackers. So – I resign myself to sitting there and munching/slurping until I feel/test it’s safe for me to drive.

So as I drove home the other afternoon, I tossed numbers around trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I’m still clueless but I’ve decided to fix/change my lunch bolus this week to see if that makes a difference. I eat practically the same thing every day for lunch and so – it’s not like my eating habits have changed. I’m not jogging around the parking lot so my exercise level is about the same as always. Who knows?

The 46 an hour after I got to work on Thursday? Now that one did bother me…


Hmmm, almost a month since my last post – didn’t even finish d-blog week.

Oh well.

To be honest, I think I got tired of diabetes. Sure, right – aren’t we all tired of diabetes? Yes, of course.

But I reached a saturation point of reading and writing diabetes. And it’s not like I blog every day by any means. I do read the d-blogs every day though.

I’ve been trying something new – for me. Attempting to pre-bolus breakfast in order to avoid the quick jump to 200 before 10 am each morning.  It’s working, most of the time. When it doesn’t work, it’s usually my fault. So thanks to Melissa at Sweetly Voiced for her kind and helpful responses to my questions.

Today’s challenge was a take out lunch for an office staff meeting. I usually order a salad but today I got a Reuben. Bolused liberally.

And… there was a cake…

This is for Elise, down there in Texas – “to getting a much smaller piece of cake at a birthday party.”
Then because it was a birthday, there was cake. It was chocolate cake. I love chocolate… Had a small, small slice. I ate it in small, small bites. It was yummy. And the very best part??? I got the bolus right and didn’t go high, high, high. I had a great afternoon at work because I didn’t go high, high, high. I thought of Elise when I requested that my slice of cake be a tiny slice of cake. Even when you’re old enough to understand why your piece of cake might be small, it’s still difficult to watch others enjoy a BIG piece of cake. But as I sit here now before dinner with a BG of 130, I feel much, much better about my small, small piece of cake.

And here’s my refrigerator art from Elise!

2013-06-13 003

dum de dum dum

Nope, this isn’t Dragnet. (I know… most of you are too young to sing along…)

Bringing lunch to work is working!

It would even be better if I remembered to bolus! Today, turkey sandwich w/ some lettuce, some potato chips, some carrot sticks. BG at lunch time – 98, whoopie! Ate with friends (who are also now doing the “bag” lunch thing), it was nice. Until the Dexcom alerted a DOUBLE ARROW RISE. Huh? Then I was at 206 and my brain (yes, I do have one, it just doesn’t kick in sometimes) said, “Hey dope, did you actually bolus? Or were you so busy doing a happy dance with a 98 before lunch that you forgot…???”

Checked the history button and yup, I forgot to bolus. Dum De Dum Dum…

Bolused just the lunch and by the time I left I was 95. Not bad. By the time I got home (it’s a 5 minute commute) Dexcom is blaring and I’m 59. Hmmm, didn’t feel that coming. But, when opportunity knocks, I take advantage. We have Girl Scout cookies! We have Samoas and Thin Mints. I had a couple of Thin Mints and all was good!

Dinner with my former CDE/Pump Trainer – awesome. I’ll write about it later. But I wish everyone could work with this gal. She’s calm and knowledgeable, and just a nice person to work with if you have diabetes. I think she’s probably a nice person to know even if you don’t have diabetes.

And for fun… The reno continues and here’s a photo of me arriving home. Notice the FedEx package. It’s the Dexcom replacement sensor from last week. I have them delivered to the office so they don’t sit out in the cold.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow!