Up, down, all around

Some short thoughts…

How come I can’t get a Dexcom sensor to last longer than 10 days? It’s not a tape issue. They just go to the ??? and stay there.

I need to get this morning BG number thing straightened out. It’s exasperating, frustrating and makes me angry. If I stayed in bed maybe it wouldn’t go UP!

My Dexcom rep called this afternoon. Wanted to know how I was doing with the G4. I told her about the USB cover and she said she’d heard there were others. I also asked her about the 6 month life span of the transmitter. She said it’s actually 6-9 months and a warning screen will let me know that the battery is low. At that time, you have about a week left so she said to call immediately to order a new one.

Dexcom said 120 this afternoon about 30 minutes before I left work. I didn’t even look at it when I left. Dexcom then beeped and shouted as I drove into my driveway, that I was at 73. I told it that it was stupid. Tested – and I was stupid – meter said 75. I almost always check it before I leave but I didn’t today. If it’s close to low, then I test with my meter before driving. I will make myself check. I will put a sticky note in my car. Oh, I have a 5 minute commute. But that’s no excuse.

My BG tends to jump up high shortly after eating anything. But when it starts dropping, it drops quickly.

We are off to California next week. It’ll be strange not see snow. Not to worry, I’ll enjoy it. We haven’t put away the snow shovels, yet.


Goin’ to California!

We’ll be in Monterey, California next month for a wedding!

And – after traveling that far, we’re certainly going to take some time to explore.

We’ll be in San Francisco for an extra 3 days and I’m looking for tourist advice. We’ve been once before and hope to spend some time visiting museums this trip.

We also plan to head north from San Francisco for a couple of days to see whatever there is to see. We both want to see the Redwoods… We like “meandering” down back roads and finding a non-tourist restaurant. We’re okay with stopping at oddball places. (As a family, we have great memories of stopping at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota!)

Back before computers and Google and travel websites, we would order a triptik from AAA to plan our trips. We did pretty good with those, way back then…

2013-03-03triptiksWell – they still have them. Look what I found!

Sarah M has promised to come up with some ideas for us – including cupcakes!

My last trip to San Francisco involved lots of walking around and lot of lows. But, a stop for a goodie and I was ready to walk some more! And yes, I carried around the purse from hell with all sorts of d-stuff stashed in there. In fact, the purse I brought with me wasn’t doing the job so we stopped so I could buy a new one – which I love!

So – if the California readers of this have suggestions, I’d really, really like to hear about them.