Introducing my new morning carbs

Remember how I wrote about missing orange juice?

T50_OJNoPulp_59Not any more.

Following my latest bone density test, I’ve now been diagnosed with osteoporosis. It wasn’t a huge surprise as the first test said I was osteopenic several years ago. (I think I’m going to have to put that one in spell checker. Can you imagine misspelling osteopenic?)

Anyway, I did the Fosamax thing for several years, had no issues while taking it, but – the dx came anyway.

I’m not thrilled.

My PCP doesn’t want to start the med again and would prefer that I work with my endo on this issue. But meanwhile, she suggested that I try to get as much calcium in my diet as possible. And gave me a handy, dandy list of calcium rich foods.

I don’t eat many of them…

I love cheese, yogurt, broccoli and guess what – ice cream is of course on the list (it’s pretty low on the list…).

Milk. I don’t think I’ve had a glass of milk since my D diagnosis. (Mostly because the only way I drank milk was with several Oreos to dunk in that milk.)

I don’t eat fish (salmon, canned w/ bones – ick, sardines, Atlantic, canned w/bones – more ick).

Despite being married to a Southern Gentleman, I still don’t eat kale, collard greens or turnip greens.

Back to the orange juice. The Tropicana low sugar fortified with calcium is now part of every breakfast. 8 ounces is 13 carbs and 35% of daily calcium.

I can do that. And thankfully, bungee jumping was never, ever on my bucket list.



I stopped baking in 2005 when I was diagnosed. First diagnosis was Type 2, then it was changed to Type 1 LADA a couple of years later.

It’s not like I did a whole lot of baking. There’s only two of us so a cake makes no sense. But I’ve missed making/baking other things – like cookies and muffins and even (surprise…) cupcakes.

Last week a friend went blueberry picking and gave me a humongous container of the hugest blueberries. I’ve mixed a handful in with my breakfast yogurt each morning and I’ve been popping a few throughout the days. They’re truly, really, awesomely delicious.

So, today I said, “The hell with it!” and made blueberry muffins. I’ve made blueberry muffins before and they were – blah… This recipe used sour cream and were/are really, really good. (Hmmm, maybe they taste even better since I haven’t had one in a long, long time?)

I used the “Say Mmmm” site to determine the carbs – I made 23 muffins and they’re 24 carbs each. I can do that!

Here are some photos and the website with the recipe. If you have some fresh picked blueberries, this is a great way to devour them!

Too Many Blueberry Muffins

2013-07-28 002 2013-07-28 004

Eight Years Later

So, on Saturday it will be 8 years since my PCP gently spoke to me and said, “You have diabetes.”
A couple of weeks later the endo looked at me and immediately said, “I’m pretty sure you have LADA.”

Eight years later, I…

have found d-friends from all over the world who give me strength whenever I need it
It is amazing how someone(s) I have never met can hold my hand over the internet and make me think that I Can Do This. It’s even more amazing when I get the opportunity to meet these wonderful people in person. (California in a month…!!!)

am using a Ping Pump and haven’t screwed up too badly
I still smile when I think about how my hands shook those first few weeks of shooting in the inset. We’d sit at the table together, staring at the directions and hoping I didn’t kill myself. Now – pop it in and good to go – well, unless it bleeds, or I forget to take the tape off and it doesn’t stick, or it hurts like he** and I know I have to do it again.

have a diabetes blog
Who’d have thunk? I’m not famous or widely read but the blog friends I have here are very important to me.

am using a Dexcom g4
When I first saw the Dexcom apparatus I said “Nope. No way I’m going to shoot that humongous needle into my stomach. No number is that important.” The first time – I still laugh as I couldn’t get it disconnected and thought I’d have to go to the ER. Yeah, right, like they’d know what to do. Did it – Love it – Live in fear of Medicare and having it taken away unless I win the lottery.

have a new Tallygear cover for the g4 (replacement) with hopes that the usb cover will stay on
I’m even wearing it around my neck when I don’t have a good pocket.

love talking to anyone who asks me about diabetes – any type
A friend from church watched me as I was calculating carbs at a party, testing and then dosing with the pump. She asked if I would “educate her.” She doesn’t have diabetes. She just wanted to know more.

felt great the day an older parishioner came in and asked me to help her with her new meter
She’d just been diagnosed with T2 and wasn’t doing so hot with the strip, the blood, etc… We got it done and she’s doing great. Umm, she’s 90 now.

can’t believe I weigh food
I don’t weigh everything but I tend to underestimate a baked potato (along with some other foods). I don’t eat them often but, I love baked potatoes so therefore, I weigh, and gasp when I figure out that what I think is a small potato needs a sh** load of insulin.

can eat ice cream!
It’s in a small bowl. I take small bites. It’s worth the insulin.

still haven’t been to a cupcake store
There aren’t any in our small town but – next month in California, definitely!

own a treadmill
When I use that treadmill, my numbers are absolutely wonderful that day. So why don’t I use it every day?

still have a box full of cute, SMALL purses
I need to give them away.

hate air travel
A TSA agent in Kansas City convinced me that the machine would not damage my pump. One week later – it lost its date/time and continued to lose the date/time. Replacement pump, and I don’t go through any machines anymore.

very much appreciate the blogging moms and dads of d-kids
When I was diagnosed, they were trying to figure out how to help their kids. Their blogs helped me.

am in awe of all children with diabetes
Before I started pumping, I watched the videos of the kids with pumps. Their ability to deal with diabetes helps me. Favorite quotes, “That didn’t hurt!” & “I did it!”

love my husband
He went to the d-classes with me (8 years ago) and even went without me when my dad was sick. He counts carbs as handily as a d-person. He wakes up when Dexcom beeps and shakes, and gets out of bed to come around and look at the number. He brings juice to the bedroom when needed. He has the meter in his hand when needed. He gives up a “dinner out” when numbers are rotten. He was great before diabetes showed up at our house and is proof that love is important and nice. I’m lucky.

know this is too long
But I thank you for being my friends and no, I won’t attach that song at the end here but, you’re probably stuck with that ear bug until you read/watch/listen to something else.

Love You All!

What to do when low this week…

There’s a ceramic pumpkin full of Halloween candy sitting in our living room. I know it’s there. It doesn’t bother me. We don’t have any children living here, so it’s not like it gets eaten up in a day. I do have a husband who enjoys having a candy bar every now and then. On top of the candy in the ceramic pumpkin are the cut out (by my husband) nutrition labels for every bag that he dumped into the ceramic pumpkin.

I used to be a chocoholic.

Then I got diabetes…

But – for some reason, I’ve been running low every single afternoon when I get home from work this week.

God likes me?

And, while years ago I could and would and did eat several of those itty, bitty candy bars as a snack, I find myself smiling with glee when Dexcom beeps and I get to eat just one of those itty, bitty candy bars. Choosing just one is not easy but surprise! – there are itty, bitty Twix bars in the ceramic pumpkin. OMG, I haven’t had a Twix bar in years and years.

It was 11 carbs and yummy!

And nope, we don’t have to worry about not having any candy for trick or treaters next week. There will be none. We’re in the boonies.

So it’s ours, all ours…

Flunking Eating Out

If there was a grade for eating out, I’d flunk. My SWAG skills are truly lacking since embarking on this road trip. But, I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about it, too much…

We don’t eat out very often at home for several reasons. One, my husband has turned into a great cook. Two, eating out in the summer means we line up with all of the tourists (not fun). Three, eating out in the winter means we watch the weather closely so we can be sure to get home if the weather is bad (we live on a slippery hill). And finally, we’re cheap…

Tonight I decided to do a better job. Well, sort of… I left my carb book at home and I don’t have a smart phone to look up counts. We were at Houlihans (which we don’t have up in our boonies). I had the chop salad (I removed every single crouton!) and a cup of baked potato soup. I should have asked for nutrition info, but I didn’t. Looked them up when we got back to the hotel and turns out I did okay on the carb numbers but – I’m high anyway.

It’s on its way down. I know I’ll live. But it’s annoying.

But – we’re visiting people we haven’t seen in a long time. We’re going to a newly opened restaurant (owned by a friend’s son) later this week (in Suffolk, Virginia). And you know; I’ll count, I’ll test, I’ll Ping. But, for this week, I’m going to put diabetes in the back seat and try to ignore it, safely…

And next week, back to my normal, carb conscious self.

Oh, nicest surprise this morning? We’re at a Hampton Inn and – there was sugar free strawberry jelly at the breakfast bar, which I slathered on a yummy biscuit.

Climb Every Mountain

This week’s bg’s have been brought to me by that inspirational song from “The Sound of Music.”

Love the show, love the tunes – don’t love this week’s ups and downs.

I work at a church and this week the 8th graders are there for some classes. They stay through lunch and I have had lunch with them each day. It’s a little…, oh, who am I kidding… it’s a lot more carby than I usually eat – a whole lot more carby! I’ve tried to be conservative and I’ve tried to do my best at guessing carbs.

BUT – every day, the Dexcom shows a HUGE mountain. I’ve been patient with it, tested and followed my Ping’s advice as to corrections. And Dexcom was just buzzing away as I tried to finish up my work afternoon. Ping usually said not to correct… so I didn’t. Probably a good thing…

Here’s today’s photo for your enjoyment.

How high will it go?

So, as I was watching the line go down, down, down… I sat at my desk here at home reading what the d-world had to say today. As it (the line, not the d-world) kept sinking, I tested, poured myself a small glass of orange juice and reached SixUntilMe on my Google Reader. (Yes, I usually read them in order – I’m lazy like that.) Turns out Kerri was writing about the juice thing also.

And then I thought about blogging and how it’s nice to find others who have been there, done that; especially when you’re in the middle of being there, doing that yourself. Karen just about depleted her jelly bean stash the other night. And Kelly ended up with the EMTs at her house one night. Liz posted a photo of a Nature Valley bar that I haven’t looked for yet, but want to find cuz it looks yummy and it’s 14 carbs.

I’ll keep plodding/blogging along. I learn something new every day. I know that I’m not alone.

Oh yeah – I don’t work on Fridays, so back to my normal low carb lunch. Thank goodness!

Let them eat cake!

I know, the quote refers to bread but I’m talking about cake.

My husband was visiting relatives last week. I stayed home with the continuing (…) renovation.

While there, he purchased one of my favorite cakes at a local grocery store to bring home.

A relatives’s husband, a family practice physician, asked,

“Can she eat that?”

M explained that I would definitely eat that, with insulin, and then keep an eye on my Dexcom to make sure all was good.

The physician didn’t know what a CGMS is.

I’ll give him credit. With info from M he went straight to the computer to learn about it.

A couple of years ago, I showed him the first pump he’d ever seen. I also sent him info on LADA, Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults, which he knew nothing about at that time.


Oh, the cake.

1/12 of the cake is 47 carbs. And, yes, 1/12 is a very skinny piece of cake, but it’s yummy.