Still blogging after all these years…

I’m going to do the bullet thing because…

I can!

  • We each got a Fitbit for Christmas. When you’re older and there’s no you know who, you go to the store together and buy the presents. (BB&B Coupons!) He is way ahead of me when it comes to the steps. I’m even on the treadmill (yes, again) (I dusted it off) and he’s still ahead.
  • Sigh…
  • We still do a couple of surprise gifts for each other but don’t go overboard. (We do not need more STUFF!)
  • I just heat sealed/bagged 4 dozen plus cookies. I don’t want them to go bad and I’m sure they’ll be a yummy treat in the greyness of February.

2015-12-29 10

  • Shoveling snow is good for my blood sugar.
  • Eating the most incredible chocolate chip cookie – which I’ve decided might be around 35/40 carbs – destroyed the joy of shoveling. But it was worth it.
  • Sigh…
  • I’m looking forward to a quiet New Year’s Dinner with friends. It’s an early dinner and in all likelihood – we’ll be asleep long before midnight.
  • I like using Dexcom G5.
  • I like using the iPhone as my receiver because – if I misplace it, I just have to call it.
  • I silence the iPhone at night and use the Dexcom receiver to beep and do the “shake, rattle, and roll” thing.
  • My new car does the Bluetooth thing with my phone – WHY can’t it show my BG on the car screen? (That would be nifty!)
  • If my parents were still alive, today would be their 67th wedding anniversary. They were pretty awesome parents!

My grandmothers and my parents.

My grandmother on the right probably was a Type 1 Lada, before there was such a thing. She was diagnosed in her 20’s with “adult” diabetes.




Friends who give me cookies! I love those friends. It’s taken awhile to “educate” a few of them –

And even better, the friend who made and brought me an apple pie this week. It’s going to be delicious. This woman is known for her pies and her crusts.

I haven’t done much Christmas cookie baking since I was diagnosed – 10 years ago. I like baking. I like eating cookies. I’ve gotten better at the SWAG thing (scientific wild ass guessing) when it comes to counting/guessing carbs.

So this year – I decided, I will BAKE! (Do you watch the British Baking Show that was on right before Downton? It’s so much fun to watch!)

But – friends have given us so much and so – I’m not going to BAKE. Time enough in January when the snow starts (if it ever starts…).

Hope your Christmas or other holiday celebrations are merry and bright.

Thanks for being my friends. Really.


The boy (Dexcom) who cried wolf…

Dexcom – somedays I hate it, somedays I am so damn grateful.

Yesterday, I hated it. Last night, it’s my new best friend…

All day yesterday, it kept saying I was low, and I would test, and I wasn’t low.

So last night when it started its beep, beep, buzz, buzz, low, low, I kept hitting the snooze (clear) button because, I just knew I wasn’t low.

At 3am, I got up and tested, just so I could reset the number and tell it where to go. Didn’t work. I was 39. I don’t think so. Tested again and yup, low. Funnily (is that a word?) enough – no symptoms. No shakes, no nothing. Until I tested. Then it all started. Drank a juice box and waited, waited, waited. Up to 60 something but, not ready to go back to bed. Ate a candy bar – I know, not the right thing to do… But it worked and I was back in bed by 4am. Whoopee!

Slept until almost 7. I’m usually awake by 5:30 with no alarm clock. (Age, it happens…)

I woke up in the 90’s. Not so bad.

At lunch – no issues.

But – had two cookies and probably goofed on the bolus (one cookie had frosting). Was at 300+ by 3pm. Came home – and by 5pm, was back down to 40 something. This is ridiculous!

300 up and down in one 24 hour period. Stupid, annoying, and not a lot of fun.

Yup, charged it this morning before going to work in a fog…

I can’t believe I took a picture at 3am…

Pop Quiz

The question for the quiz.

Your blood sugar is high because ________.

Select answer below.

1. Your inset is bad
2. You ate a cookie
3. Your insulin is bad
4. That’s life with d
5. Any one of several other possibilities

As most of you know, the answer can be all of the above or 1 – 2 – 3 – or 4, or a combination of any 2 or 3. You get an A+ no matter which answer you chose!

This past week I couldn’t figure it out. Ate a salad – went to 200. Ate the same breakfast – went to 200 for several days in a row. Pulled the inset and that looked okay. Ordered Girl Scout cookies but I don’t think just looking at the pictures counts. Changed out the cartridge and filled it with insulin (hint – from the same vial).

Finally, yesterday, I threw out the old vial (which stays in the fridge and even if it didn’t, it’s not like it’s real hot right now in New Hampshire) and opened a new one. I really hate throwing out insulin. I’m cheap and it just feels like I’m throwing money in the trash can. Oh well.

Ta Da! Using the brand new vial worked.

I’m now back to my normal, hum drum, but happy cruising with d.

Well, sort of… Dexcom is on day 12 and has done pretty good but this morning – AT 4AM – it did the beep, beep, buzz, buzz thing to tell me I was 79. I have a habit of liking to sleep so I calmly told it, “That’s okay.” And no, didn’t even look to see if there was an arrow. (Remember, it’s 4am) Next thing I know, it’s screeching again (remember when I couldn’t hear it when I first got it?) and this time it’s at 50 something. I got up and tested – meter says 140 something. I’m awake, fix the coffee and the day begins.

Bolus Worthy

A good friend at church gave this to M today. As she handed it to him she apologized that I might not be able to enjoy her gift. M quickly and politely explained that I would definitely enjoy her goodies with some careful counting and timing of the eating of the cookies.

I called her tonight to let her know that the 3 (two at lunch, one w/ coffee this evening) I’ve tried were totally bolus worthy. I then explained to her that if something is bolus worthy, it really has to be delicious. After explaining what a bolus is, she said, “You have to take insulin every time you eat one?” So, one more person educated about just one part of managing living with diabetes.

I thanked her for giving us cookies. She’s even going to share recipes! (Which should make it easier to carb guess.)

I finally figured out “tags.” About time… They’re pretty cool.

And yes, we have “a little Christmas.” Tree is up! More on that, later.

We Need a Little Christmas…

We need some Christmas around here. Yes, we had some snow but – snow on Halloween was/is not my idea of Christmas.

We don’t have the tree up nor do we have anything else up/out/on display. It’s terrible.

We’ll get there, hopefully this weekend.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided the h*** with it and I’m baking cookies this year. I haven’t made Christmas cookies since 2005. (Ummm, 2005, “You have diabetes…”) It sucks. There’s just the two of us so it’s not like I need to make tons and tons. Just enough so I can have a few, and remember the “old” days when eating a frosted sugar cookie didn’t involve math.

Is there a website where you can put in recipe ingredients and get a carb count? Or do I have to do the math? If there’s not one, would one you math whiz people develop one?

A favorite story. Many, many years ago when the boys were little and would help with the cookie cutting and frosting at Christmas, we had a rule that you could only snack on the broken cookies. My mother-in-law was visiting and there weren’t too many broken cookies to chomp on. So I took a tray of cooled, unfrosted cookies and dropped the tray on the table. They broke. The boys were delighted (so was I), the mother-in-law confirmed that I was nuts. I can still see the kids’ faces when I said, “Oops, guess we’ll have to eat those now!”

And I’m NOT going to use Splenda! So, there!

(Lab work will be done next week so A1c will be out of the way for 3 months…)