Doing what we gotta do…

Going to the dentist is one of those things that we “gotta do.”

As my dentist said today, he really has never heard anyone say, “Oh boy, I have a dentist appointment.”

And we all know that I have never, ever said that.

As a child I worked myself into a frenzy when I had to see a dentist. As an Army Brat, you need to understand that I saw many new dentists throughout my childhood. Many of them were fresh out of dental school dentists. It was never a fun experience.

I survived today with the help of modern pharmaceuticals taken before I left the house. And it helped.

I have a new temporary crown and all is good.

And for those of you who really don’t mind having dental work done, I envy you.

Fun part today was watching a squirrel running back and forth from under a bird feeder to a stump. Back and forth he ran for the entire time I sat in the chair. (Ok – just when I was actually sitting up and could see out the window as opposed to being flat out prone on the chair and just counting the holes in the ceiling tiles…) Which was a long time. And there was a beautiful blue jay on the feeder but he was only able to pick at the stuff that had fallen to the ground/snow as it was a smallish feeder.

And yup – still doing okay with the smoking quit – just over 100 days. Yay, me! (I shoulda done it a long time ago…)

A mushy couple of days

It’s been an interesting couple of days… a little painful… a little annoying… a little confusing…

On Thursday I had some gum surgery. The dentist had given me a prescription for 2 valium with instructions to take one before the appointment and bring the other one with me. I took the one and was awed that I could feel the difference within 15 minutes. Also took 4 amoxicillin.

M drove me over – good thing as I don’t think I would have gotten there after the valium.

The surgery itself wasn’t so bad – lots of pulling (no, not teeth), pushing and stuff in my mouth. Watching him put the stitches in – long black thread going in and out of my mouth… was strange. I was in the chair about an hour and a half.

Dexcom said I was at about 100 when the surgery started. I gave the dentist and his tech a quick Dexcom lesson and left it sitting on my lap. I told the dentist I had some juice in my purse if needed. He said he had a frosting tube on hand, just in case. When I was just about finished it said 180. When I got home, it was back down to 90 something.

So, it hasn’t been near as uncomfortable or bad or downright painful as I thought it would be.

He did prescribe a non Tylenol pain med at my request due to the Dexcom. I only took half of one, otherwise Advil seems to be helping. But, my BGs have been on a rollercoaster since the surgery and Dexcom hasn’t always been right. I think it’s just having a tough time keeping up with the changes.

My face is still a little swollen, but I just look a little funny, not a lot funny. (I looked more funny yesterday 😦 )

I’m very tired of the soft, mushy foods. Tonight’s treat? A baked potato!

I’ve eaten yogurt, jello, pudding, scrambled eggs, ice cream 🙂 and applesauce for long enough. This afternoon’s lunch was an egg salad sandwich with careful chewing on one side of the mouth only. Egg salad without celery or onions isn’t the greatest but at this point, it tasted wonderful.

Stitches come out on Thursday!

Wonder if I should take the other valium when the stitches are removed – nah…

Oh – thank you to those who commented with good wishes. I really appreciated that!


Sympathy for… me…

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment for some gum surgery.

Eww, gag, cry…

I don’t like going to the dentist. I have never, ever liked going to the dentist. Way back when I was young, there was a commercial where the kid comes out of the dentist’s office, grinning and shouting, “Look Ma, no cavities!”

I never got to say that to my mom.

My dentist is a nice guy but, he’s still a dentist.

So, tomorrow afternoon I may die. Probably not, but I think I’ll feel like it.

I get to take a valium before I go. I’ve never taken valium…

And 4 amoxicillin.

I’ll be there – but I don’t wanna!

PS – Probably, the person who will need the sympathy will be M. He’ll have to put up with me. I don’t think it’ll be easy.