Strange Dexcom Reorder

I started using the Dexcom G4 just before Thanksgiving and just before I got on a plane to Kansas City in November. (Thank you KC DOC for making one night a LOT of fun!)

So, it’s time to reorder my 3 months of sensors. Which I did yesterday. Strangest reordering experience ever!

I called. I listened to Dexcom tell me that due to the overwhelming interest in the NEW G4 that I may have a longer wait.

Didn’t take much time and the reorder person was talking to me. Asked for my name. Asked if I was still covered by Cigna. Agreed that I had to reorder early as Cigna has to approve each order. Then said, I’ll get your order in and it will be shipped on February 4th.

Then he hung up.

I was still talking…

No confirming my address. No confirming my date of birth.

Hope the order arrives shortly after February 4th!

And yes, the G4 has been highly worth the upgrade that I paid for. It’s really, really good!

a slowwwww day

Today was a day in slow motion. And it wasn’t fun.

Dexcom woke me before 5am to say I was ridiculously high. I tested and damn, Dexcom was right. BG was 253. Well, how’d that happen?

I love using my brain at 5am. Not really, but I did it anyway.

Got up – sun wasn’t even showing itself yet. Started the coffee. Did my bolus for coffee (I give it 10 carbs – usually works) and the correction for the 253.

An hour later at 6am, I’ve had coffee but the BG is not moving a whole lot. More insulin.

Two hours later, I Pinged in some more insulin.

About 10, I gave up and took out the inset that I’d just inserted yesterday morning. And… there was blood in the cannula. And there is a shiny, grayish bump on my leg.

I spent the morning doing mini corrections and nothing worked until I changed the inset.

It took all day for my BG to come down to below 150.

And now, well, just ate dinner and Dexcom is going nuts with double arrows up.

It’s a fairly new vial of insulin. The redone site looks okay.

My thoughts:
1. Diabetes really sucks
2. What if I was a kid? With me, as my mom saying, “What did you eat???”
3. What if I hadn’t had the strips to monitor this through the WHOLE day?
4. What if there wasn’t a DOC?
5. &*#^%#//!!!!!!
6. I have new insulin. I may have to redo the inset, again.
7. Yup, Diabetes really sucks.

I just hit the history button on the Ping. And it looks like I’ve been having issues since I opened this vial of insulin… Guess I’ll do another site change with a new vial of insulin. Well, darn. Why didn’t I see this sooner?

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being a d-friend. It’s appreciated.


Attached at the hip no longer…

I haven’t had my Dexcom for a whole year and I truly appreciate having it by my side.


I was beginning to feel like one of “those” couples. You know the ones… They color coordinate their outfits. They always stand next to each other at parties. They go everywhere but the bathroom (and who knows?) together. It’s like they’re glued to each other.

I started using Dexcom last July and it stayed by my side at all times. Unless, of course, I forgot it.

Winter was okay – most of my pants and many of my sweaters have pockets. At home I’d wear my Outer Banks pink hoodie and the machine stayed safe in the pockets.

Well, spring finally arrived and I’ve spent the last three days picking the Dexcom up off the floor as I just don’t have the pockets.

So, today at work, I put it on my desk. And left it there. I did not take it to the copier, or another office or – the bathroom. There’s a few blank spots on the graph but not enough to worry about. Night time, yup, it’ll be there but when things seems pretty steady during the day, I’m not going to take it with me everywhere.

I think the Dexcom needs a “pause” button. And then, an “unpause or I’m back” button.

I’m quite proud of myself for giving up on the ALWAYS relationship.

Where’s Waldo?

I did it! I put an inset in my leg! And it didn’t bleed!

When I met with “new, wonderful endo” this week, I told her I’d attempted a leg site and it filled with blood in seconds. I had tried on the front of my leg and she poked around and said, nope, probably won’t work. So after some more leg poking she suggested the side of my leg.

And it worked! And even nicer, the absorption has been pretty nifty. (How come absorb is spelled with a b but uses a p for absorption?) I put it in on/in Tuesday night and by 4am Dexcom woke me to say I was 59. OK, so that’s not so nifty. But I got up, tested, drank some juice and lurked on Twitter while reading about Kerri’s sleepover in the Baltimore airport.

That evening, before dinner, back down to 59 again.

FB’d it and Barb said she’d had a similar issue and just changed some of her ratios when using a leg site. Karen also said she found a new site tended to absorb better. I did the lower ratio last night and woke up at 170. So, guess I gave it too much credit? I’m sure I’ll figure it out, eventually.

But – having the inset in the leg adds all new thinking when showering and dressing (and other stuff). Dexcom is on the tummy, what did I do with the inset? Oh yeah, it’s on my leg. I have been thoughtful – trying to think… – when moving clothing or showering.

This may exhaust my brain but so far I haven’t ripped it off. I’m sure it’ll happen but I can wait. (It’s Thursday night. It’s only been two whole days.) I have only ripped one out in two years. And that was the first week I had the pump. Doorknob!

Even before trying the leg thing, I found myself thinking, “Okay, where is it?” and hoping I wouldn’t forget to NOT knock off either the inset or the Dexcom. Hence, the Where’s Waldo? title.

And now, Bernard’s shirt still makes me smile…

About the comments…

I’ve written this before but bear* with me – it’s NaBloPoMo and so, “repeat…”

*Couldn’t decide if it should be bear or bare – so I Googled it. Landed on a favorite site for checking up on grammar/language/spelling/punctuation –

I really, really like getting to know other people through comments. I actually do a little happy dance when someone new lands here and even better, leaves a comment. (Newest
d-friend is Grammie and it’s been nice to read her blog and make a new friend.)

Maybe because I’m blogging every day this month – whatever possessed me???? – I’m getting more spam comments. WordPress does a great job of sorting real and spam but, a few have ended up in the “real” box. I’m not sure if they’re real or not – and so, I block them.  I refuse to become someone’s commercial. (And to be honest, it’s not like a whole lot of people read my comments so… doesn’t do them much good.)

I don’t have the word verification thing as new commentors are not posted without my approval. When I first started blogging, I noticed that people would write something like, “HaHa, wv is sugarlady.” I had no idea what “wv” meant. Aha! – took me awhile but it’s “word verification.” duhhhhh… I even put together an image of some of my wv’s for Diabetes Blog Week back in May.

And right now, I’m extremely grateful that November has just 30 days.
Nine more posts to go!

Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,
Save February, with twenty-eight days clear,
And twenty-nine each leap year.

Treadmill, what treadmill?

I have a confession to make…

We sold my dad’s house during the summer, closed on it the first week of July. Since that time – all of the “dad’s house stuff” has been in our guest bedroom. The bedroom where the treadmill lives. Boxes and boxes and lots of stuff on the floor, with pillows and other bedding stacked on the… treadmill.

I haven’t been on it since June…

So, since it was raining – and since I know I have to get back on the machine – and since I can’t stand looking at the chaos in that room. I sort of cleaned it up today. I bagged up stuff to go to the dump (no trash collection here). I boxed up stuff to give to my brothers and sister. I put away some of it. I put the rest of the boxes in a storage room and will face it all later.

Tomorrow – back on the machine. Hmmm, guess I better charge the iPod so I’ll have some walking music!

Hi Hillary!