I need to…

With my PCP appointment last week, I finally got around to uploading my Ping and Dexcom to Diasend. Took some info with me to the appointment and let my Endo know that I’d done it.

2013-01-09 002

The PCP appointment was great. All lab results are fine. A1c was up a tiny, tiny bit but her’s always reads a tiny, tiny bit above the Endo’s test. I’m not worrying about it. Did the foot check, had lost 2 pounds and BP was fine.

Later that day I received the nicest note from my Endo. (Oh, I have to send my messages to her through the Dartmouth-Hitchcock site – and noticed I could attach a jpg, so I sent her a photo. I’ve only had two appointments with her so… thought it might help.)

You always make me smile.
I really enjoy hearing from you.
I was able to view your ping upload – but not your Dexcom – I wonder why ???
However just based on the fact that you check quite often and very well – I think you have maintained a pretty steady blood sugar range (when you behave!!!!)
There are occasions when you do go high – but I am sure you figured this out yourself – there is no consistent pattern.
I would not recommend any changes.
I am glad you like the Dexcom. I think it is the best out there.
Lastly – you look beautiful in the picture.
Happy new year.
Please let me know if you need any refills – will be more than happy to help you.
Take good care….

Yup – she’s a keeper!

Back to the title. I need to upload the Ping stuff more often and look at it. It’s really simple to do, well – sort of… I have to unplug a printer usb from the front of the computer and then shove in the Ping usb. The computer is under a table next to the desk so it involves getting on the floor and if it’s night, I have to shine a light on the computer to see the stupid usb thing. But – as a friend says, “You Can Do This

I also need to get back on the treadmill. I may have to dust it off, first…

And finally – a photo of the fam.

2012-12-28 004




The Big Blue Test

It sure looks like The Big Blue Test is going to reach 20,000 before the deadline. Don’t stop though. We have two more days to take the number even higher!

Who knew raising money for others could be so simple and fun?

I do want them to add house cleaning and maybe shopping to the list of exercise types, although I just checked “other” each time.

Today’s exercise was washing some windows. M was outside with a bucket and squeegee. I was inside with a roll of paper towels and Windex. We’d been to a funeral this morning and – yes, there was a luncheon after… After topping out at just over 230, I was at 156 when I started working on the windows and 123 when done. Pretty nifty!

Problem was, I ended up at 70 something. Chomped down two glucose tablets and was ok for a bit but – back down again. So, munched on some crackers and cheese and all seems good, for now.

If you haven’t tried The Big Blue Test, do yourself a favor, get some exercise and enter your results on the page. You don’t even have to have diabetes to do this! And then, sit and watch some of the videos of the organizations that will receive grants, all because you did something good for yourself – and for them!

And while sitting here, I just got my shipping info from Dexcom and the G4 will be here Thursday. I called and whined (nicely) last week. But – and this is really annoying, the sensors may not get here with the G4. And we’re leaving on Saturday for a week. Oh well…

Nice post about the G4 can be read at Arden’s Day. I love the photo of her with her new pink Dexcom!

One Thing to Improve

Click for the One Thing to Improve – Wednesday 5/16 Link List. Yesterday we gave ourselves and our loved ones a big pat on the back for one thing we are great at.  Today let’s look at the flip-side.  We probably all have one thing we could try to do better.  Why not make today the day we start working on it.  No judgments, no scolding, just sharing one small thing we can improve so the DOC can cheer us on!

And that would be… Exercise

I know my BGs are better when I exercise. I know I feel better when I exercise. I know it’s good for me when I exercise.

When I was diagnosed, just over 7 years ago, we bought a treadmill. And I used it, sort of, kind of, sometimes… And every few months, I’d get on a kick to do better at using that treadmill, and I would. I really would. But then…

And now – my truth – I haven’t been on it in six months.

Even worse – due to the reconstruction going on – and on – and on, at our house, it’s folded up.

And we cancelled our gym membership this month. We aren’t using it. It costs money. And so, we’re done with it for now.

Once the construction stuff is done, I have promised myself that I’ll get back into an exercise routine. For now, when I’m at work, I sometimes take a break and just do the stairs for a few minutes, or when the weather is nice (still waiting), I’ll walk around the building a few times. It works but I need the routine of doing something consistently.

Oh well…

Treadmill, what treadmill?

I have a confession to make…

We sold my dad’s house during the summer, closed on it the first week of July. Since that time – all of the “dad’s house stuff” has been in our guest bedroom. The bedroom where the treadmill lives. Boxes and boxes and lots of stuff on the floor, with pillows and other bedding stacked on the… treadmill.

I haven’t been on it since June…

So, since it was raining – and since I know I have to get back on the machine – and since I can’t stand looking at the chaos in that room. I sort of cleaned it up today. I bagged up stuff to go to the dump (no trash collection here). I boxed up stuff to give to my brothers and sister. I put away some of it. I put the rest of the boxes in a storage room and will face it all later.

Tomorrow – back on the machine. Hmmm, guess I better charge the iPod so I’ll have some walking music!

Hi Hillary!