My Smart Endo

Last week’s endo appointment was quite nice. I’m beginning to feel like she’s a friend, you know the kind – the one that stands in the yard chatting with you and you just know they’re listening, really listening to you.

The facts – A1c was .3 up and I’m good with that, and so is she. All my labs show that I’m normal and she just kept smiling. Expressed awe at cholesterol numbers and was happy to see that thyroid and other tests all check out ok.

My issue was my bouncy numbers. I spike high after breakfast (8-10 carbs, normally) and don’t really come back down (all the way) before lunch. Then I spike high after lunch but by 4 to 5 o’clock, Dexcom is screaming at me because I’m low.

So we both stared at my Diasend printout of my Ping pump’s bgs/doses/carbs. (Oh – she threw out all my numbers from 10 days in California!) And she’s circling numbers and pointing out trends (which of course I’m blind to) and then says, let’s try this. So – we changed my IC ratio for breakfast and lunch – upped the carb ratio by one – which is actually downed the carbs by one???. And added/upped my basal rate for the afternoons by .5. And lowered the ISF for lunch and the afternoon.

It’s working, so far. Well, until this morning when I had a very small portion of bread pudding at work. That small bit turned out to be more than 30 carbs… I guessed… I was wrong… It tasted great!

This afternoon after a call from my husband, I announced to another staff member that I have a wonderful husband. She asked if we were going out to dinner. And I said, “Nope, he just called to say he’d stop at the drug store and pick up my insulin for me!”

I also work with wonderful people. As we were closing up the office, Dexcom beeped to say I was low. I tested. I was a little under 80 and decided to drink a juice box before I drove home. Two friends/co-workers sat there with me while I slurped my grape juice and waited until I tested ok to drive.

2013-04-19 001And finally – lunch with Shannon after my endo appointment. We chatted our way through a yummy lunch and barely talked about diabetes (her son has Type 1). Now that the snow has stopped (we hope…), we plan to get together again during the summer. Anyone up in this area is always invited to join us!

Travels with D

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to California where we visited the Redwoods (they really are as impressive as people say), Monterey (a beautiful wedding and a chance to see old friends), Sonoma (all those fields and fields of grapevines), and finally San Francisco, where there was lots to do and see, including meeting two of my d-pals, Landi & Debra. It was sunny and beautiful and warm.

2013-04Landi in person is even nicer (and funnier!) than her comments have been the last several years. I “met” her when I first started blogging and when I joined TuDiabetes. Debra, who had the unfortunate experience of DKA and ICU for her diagnosis as an adult, is even nicer than she seems/sounds like/looks like online. We talked our way to the restaurant, we talked while waiting, we talked while eating. Just a normal d-meetup and I loved it! Thank you both for driving in just to meet me. It meant a whole lot…

Sometime this past year, I purchased a pink, paisley child’s backpack just to hold the d-stuff when traveling. Turned out to be a great idea! Sensors (three, just in case), reservoirs and insets (five, just in case), insulin (one and a partial, just in case), insulin pens (one levemir, one novolog, just in case), needles for the insulin pens (forgot those on the last trip, thank goodness I didn’t need them), test strips (lots), iv prep, alcohol swabs, big bottle of glucose tablets and finally the always nice to have extra meter; you know – for just in case.

Both flights were full (yuck) and the airline was begging us to check our carry ons at the gate. And we did, because all I had to do was take out the pink bag to keep with us and the bags went off to wherever bags go. We had a larger bag we had checked and so that made having to retrieve luggage not a big deal.

TSA – I owe Kerri a huge thank you for making my return trip so easy peasy. Boston on the way out was somewhat whiny, not happy that I wanted the pat down. Tried to talk me out of it. San Francisco? I think they must have published this post from Kerri as I was astounded at the friendly and quick inspection. The pat down was completed before my other stuff came through the x-rays. My female inspector was a nice lady but she did say, “We will have to send your iPod through x-ray.” I laughed and told her it, my Dexcom receiver, was another of my diabetes devices and pushed a few buttons to show her the screen. She was surprised, said she’d never seen one and thanked me for showing her how it worked. It was in my Tallygear case so I think that fooled her.

Lugging around the d-stuff wasn’t fun but I did it.

Guessing at carb counts at restaurants for 10 days (see Scott’s post from today)? Even a 9 carb yogurt in the morning sent me soaring… I sucked and have the BG’s to prove it. I see my endo next Friday. She may gasp. I’ve probably ruined my A1c but you know what, that’s okay. The next one will be better.

So we’re home. And this was our weather today. Oh well.

2013-04-12 003 (600x800)

Two In One Month!

I don’t get many opportunities to meet other d-people. Last month I met up with some of the Kansas City area d-friends while we were there visiting our sons.

2012-11-30 001At the Waterfall Cafe in Mill Falls, Meredith

And last week, I finally!!! met Shannon. She’s a sometimes blogger and a Facebook friend. She was extremely helpful, supportive and funny when I first started blogging. Her son has diabetes and he’s grown up in the last several years. I’m always awed when she posts photos of her kids!

For whatever reason, I thought we lived farther away from each other. We don’t. And now that we’ve figured that out, I think we’ll be doing the “do lunch” thing more often. (Unless it’s snowing…)

As is frequently the case, we didn’t really talk about diabetes all that much. I loved getting to know Shannon “in person.”

And no, Sara, I didn’t try to twist her arm to get back to blogging. Wouldn’t it be fun if she did? Her kids always gave me a chuckle when she repeated whatever they were saying that day. And I don’t know where she found some of the videos she posted!

Turns out my endo’s office is just a few minutes from her neighborhood. Just having a friend to meet after my appointments would make it so much nicer.

Using my and her son’s diabetes as an excuse to meet worked out great, but even nicer is finding a new friend.

Quick P.S.

As some know, I work at a church. On Monday, someone had mailed a check (to the church, not me) but –  with a note to me.

It said, “Thank you for helping out my niece last week with her cord.”

I wrote about the young woman looking to charge her Dexcom while visiting Lake Winnipesaukee. D in the boonies

The note this week… I’m still smiling…

You know, if you have to have a sucky disease, isn’t it nice to have one where you can find such great friends?

And – Nina dropped off some flowers when she returned the cord.

Bolus Worthy

A good friend at church gave this to M today. As she handed it to him she apologized that I might not be able to enjoy her gift. M quickly and politely explained that I would definitely enjoy her goodies with some careful counting and timing of the eating of the cookies.

I called her tonight to let her know that the 3 (two at lunch, one w/ coffee this evening) I’ve tried were totally bolus worthy. I then explained to her that if something is bolus worthy, it really has to be delicious. After explaining what a bolus is, she said, “You have to take insulin every time you eat one?” So, one more person educated about just one part of managing living with diabetes.

I thanked her for giving us cookies. She’s even going to share recipes! (Which should make it easier to carb guess.)

I finally figured out “tags.” About time… They’re pretty cool.

And yes, we have “a little Christmas.” Tree is up! More on that, later.