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Are we there yet?

I am sooooo ready for spring! Are we there yet? Nope – I’ve been having massive high bgs for the last couple of days – and a couple of low bgs just to make life interesting. And, they make me … Continue reading

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The BG Trading Post

As I drove to work this morning, after waking up HIGH at a stupid, dumb, ridiculous HIGH number – I thought one of you smart d-people should/could come up with a way for us to share/trade/borrow/get rid of or add to our … Continue reading

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The “High” Day

I’ve been high (200+) all day. I kept testing. I Pinged insulin. I continued to hit the buttons on Dexcom so it would stop beeping at me. I drank lots of water. I finally pulled my inset and redid it all after lunch. … Continue reading

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What a rotten night!

From last week, but not posted until today, because I’m still somewhat hesitant of putting my stupidity out on the WWW… 20 hours of “How could I be so stupid?” As I finally figured out this morning that it was … Continue reading

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