Are we there yet?

I am sooooo ready for spring! Are we there yet?

Nope –

I’ve been having massive high bgs for the last couple of days – and a couple of low bgs just to make life interesting. And, they make me feel like I know nothing but, I’m not going to worry about it.

I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it now, and I’ll probably say it again, and maybe even again.

Thanks to those people who write about their own diabetes and/or their kids’ diabetes…

I don’t have guilt for the highs – or – the lows. Sometimes I can pinpoint a high, sometimes I can’t.

The highs might be the result of a steroid thing that I’m using for post nasal drip (ick, not something I ever thought I would have, let alone write about). After 4 days of squirting that stuff into my head, it seems to have solved the problem and I should be able to stop using it soon. The lows – who knows? It just might be the over-correcting I’m doing from the highs and so, I go low.

It’s such a mystery and I’ve decided to just go with the flow. Drink the juice or take the insulin – whatever is required.

KerriSparlingI’m reading Kerri’s book, enjoying it, smiling and feeling like she’s sitting across the table from me just chatting away. I bought an extra copy for a local mom with a “d” daughter. She doesn’t spend a lot of time online – two kids, job, husband, life – keeps her busy. I hope she’ll make time to read Kerri’s thoughts (and those of everyone else who contributed to her book!).

And – tonight’s site change. And this one was just like the Maxwell House Coffee Ad – “Good to the Last Drop.”

2014-03-03 001 (800x449)

2014-03-03 004 (800x449)

The BG Trading Post

As I drove to work this morning, after waking up HIGH at a stupid, dumb, ridiculous HIGH number – I thought one of you smart d-people should/could come up with a way for us to share/trade/borrow/get rid of or add to our Blood Glucose.

So – for instance – this morning I had a HIGH, stupid, dumb, ridiculous number at 5am… Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just send like 100 BG’s to the person who woke up with a scary low? Or even better – send some of them to the d-kid whose parent who is sooooo tired but just tested their d-kid only to find a low number. Sure, I’ll send some BGs right over through the computer. That would have to be easier than opening the damn straw package for the juice box – and then getting the straw into the hole. Sure!

Or – you’re going low, but you have friends to meet at a fun restaurant/bar/party and would like to raise your BG by about 50 before you drive over to have some fun. You promptly sign in to the BG Trading Post and ask if anyone can share 50 BG’s.

Easy, right?

There wouldn’t be any records to keep because when high, you’d happily share with another d-person who’s gone low.

Kids and adults would be encouraged to be a part of the BG Trading Post!

I can’t do it. Science is not my friend. I took Chemistry in high school and – – – had THE smartest girl in the school as my lab partner. She almost flunked because of me. Even worse, when it came time for the final exam, we had to answer three out of five questions. I did it and the teacher (wherever you are Mr. Sutton I still think of you with extreme gratitude) came and pulled me out of the classroom after he graded my paper. He said, “Colleen, as you transferred here during the year, I really believe that’s been unfair since this class was different from your prior Chemistry Class. If I give you a C for the year, will that be okay with you?” I asked, “Did I get anything on my three?” The answer was no…

YES! I took the C.

So – one of you other – smarter Science type d-people will have to tackle this.

Oh! maybe it could be an APP! I don’t have a smart phone but if someone develops an app to do this – I’d buy one.


BG now – 96! Nothing to share but as you know, tomorrow is another day…

The “High” Day

I’ve been high (200+) all day. I kept testing. I Pinged insulin. I continued to hit the buttons on Dexcom so it would stop beeping at me. I drank lots of water.

I finally pulled my inset and redid it all after lunch. Threw out 32 units of insulin! It looked fine – no blood, not bent. WTH?

Then I attempted to take a nap. I shut off the high alert on Dexcom so I could sleep. But – Dexcom did a sensor failure and made a whole lot of noise. So I woke up.

I’m still waiting for my 2 hours “wake up and test” from Dexcom but when I tested last I was finally at a reasonable number, 128.

Dexcom just requested my 2 tests – results are 75 & 88. Dexcom now says 77.

It’s fascinating…

And when I told M Dexcom’s number, he said, “Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb.” You probably have to be our age to “get that.”

American Bandstand – yes, I watched this. But I was very young! I love finding stuff like this on YouTube!


What a rotten night!

From last week, but not posted until today, because I’m still somewhat hesitant of putting my stupidity out on the WWW…

20 hours of “How could I be so stupid?”

As I finally figured out this morning that it was a bad – crunched – bent cannula that had been causing my high, high, this sucks blood sugars since about 2 pm yesterday, it came to me that having diabetes is like having a baby. Sometimes you try everything in your brain to make your baby comfortable and after all that rocking, singing, feeding, changing, burping, etc… it turns out to be something simple that is causing all the crying.

Just before lunch on Wednesday, at the office, I snagged my inset (on my leg) (yes, I was in the bathroom...) on my pants (actually, it was the Dexcom in my pocket that caught it…) and – it fell out. No big deal, I had a spare ready (unlike the last time). (See, I do learn from my mistakes.) Inserted the inset, bolused for lunch and continued working through the afternoon. Dexcom buzzed and since I’ve been spiking some days, I didn’t worry about it. At 3:30, the meter said 303. Not good. I did a correction, closed the office at 4, and came home. By 5 it was even higher. I even tested for ketones – they were there, but not bad. I had the new inset so decided to open a new vial of insulin and just do a reservoir change.

Morning – well, before morning… Dexcom woke me at 5 to tell me I was over 300.

And here’s where I got stupid (or tired, or high, or fed up).
I did a correction. I drank water. I waited.
No change…
So I decided to use one of my Novolog pens and see if that would help. Being cautious (and tired, high) I just did 2 units.
And went back to bed.
Woke up around 7:00, laid in the bed thinking. Tested, no real change and wondered if I’d used Novolog or not.

I didn’t – it was Levemir. So that didn’t help…

Took off the inset below.
I know, it’s a fuzzy photo – so was I when I took it.


Over corrected, because the Ping thinks I’ve had gobs of insulin. I must have been getting some, but certainly not much. I called the office and said I was sick. That’s a first.

And by noon, all was good. But I still felt like a blob of nothing.

As I sat here this morning feeling sorry for myself, I did, as I almost always do, think of the children who deal with this, think of the DOC people who grew up with this.

I know stuff happens. I know we all have bad days/nights. I know I can’t be perfect. I know I’m lucky to have the DOC available.

And yeah, I also know that the inset is probably the first thing I should have ripped out. Oh well…