Going Up?

The new Dexcom began its working life on Sunday morning.

Charged – ready to go. Did the two hour wait thing. Put in the two BGs. And you will never, ever guess what it did next.

It initialized! Jeez, just like the other one. Maybe I have an aura? Maybe my personality is just overwhelming? Maybe I’m charged?

Good grief.

Since then, it’s been fine (cross my fingers and no, I certainly don’t hope to die :().


We ate late last night. I knew it was going to creep up to the alarm limit. And I know that it will go back down but, it will wake us up (to be honest, I sleep right through it most of the time, it’s my poor husband who is often “sleepless in New Hampshire”). So —-

I shut off the high alarm when I went to bed.

Guess what? At some point during the night, the Ping inset fell out of my leg. (It was pretty mashed so it didn’t actually fall out – looked like I scrunched it.)

When I got up, there was the tubing – all 43 inches of it – with the inset just hanging around. I cursed. Then I put in a new inset – before coffee!

Tested at 200+ and stayed high most of the day.

I have learned that I really need that 3-5am basal.

I have reset the high alarm on the Dexcom…

PS – I am totally and really enjoying all the FFL (Friends for Life) posts, photos, love and laughter. One made me cry – Meri’s at Our Diabetic Life.

Popped in a New One

A first for me – the fun message, “Sensor Failed.”

Well, shoot. I just put it in Saturday morning.

So I called Dexcom and they’re sending a replacement; and then I popped in a new one. You have no idea how much writing “popped in a new one” makes me chuckle. My first Dexcom insert was less than speedy, very sweaty and at one point I had visions of driving myself to the ER to get the damn inserter off of me. That was back in July and I’ve gotten much better at this stuff.

But I still do not like putting in or popping in a new one.

The initializing issue has stopped since I began using the black case instead of the cute blue skin. Maybe I’ll try to use the skin again once it warms up here in NH. (Dexcom said it was probably a static electricity issue.) We had 5 inches of snow yesterday so it might take awhile…

The Initializing Dexcom

After having my easiest, simplest, painless Dexcom insertion on Saturday…

It failed.

It’s not fair.

It failed fast, like within an hour of insertion. It jumped up to 220 within minutes of entering the two initial numbers. The two numbers – 99 and 101. Then it initialized and went nuts. Then it went to the dreaded ???. I reset it and gave it a couple of hours but no go. I took it out and put in a new one. Called Dexcom (always fun on the weekend). While talking to the guy, I mentioned that my receiver initializes about 3 times a week on average. He said that’s normal.

Anyway, they called again this afternoon and will replace the sensor. I also asked again about the initializing. He said it’s probable that there’s too much static electricity with keeping it in my pocket and using the skin. He told me it would be better to keep the receiver in the black case with the belt clip. I said nope! Two problems – it’s annoying and I don’t always wear a belt.

So – I need your help!

Does your Dexcom do the initializing thing as often as mine?